When is the BEST Time To Start Exercising?

How about Monday? Is Monday the Best Time to Start Exercising?

When is the BEST TIME to Start Exercising? The Perfect answer is NOW. There is really NO good or PERFECT time to Start. Whenever you DO START, it is going to be UNCOMFORTABLE…. as CHANGE is always OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE = UNCOMFORTABLE:

Starting Requires Change:

  • You have to CHANGE something in order to CHANGE
  • CHANGE isn’t comfortable, as its outside your COMFORT zone
  • YOU will have to take Responsibility for both your Actions and INACTIONS
  • Nothing Ventured Nothing GAINED
  • You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES…. So which is it?
When to Start Exercising

Why do I need to Start Exercising?

Why Do I have to Start Exercising?

  • You are Overweight. You have too much much according to your height, age, gender and weight (I prefer to talk about actual body fat % rather than just kg) Your clothes don’t fit.
  • You are Unhealthy. You get sick frequently, feel sick often, have bowel issue or a professional has told you you have health risks.
  • Poor Performance. You struggle to keep up with everyone else, have limited energy and concentration. You feel weak, listless and may have pain / injury.
  • Sleep. You struggle to fall asleep, or have a bad nights sleep or need to sleep too much.
  • Predisposed to Disease. Poor diet and lack of exercise, water, sleep and outdoor activity can result in disease.
  • Depression. You feel anxious, depressed, don’t want to engage with others, emotional eat or feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Exercise is one of the BEST solutions for mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, poor self image or even lack of confidence


If YOU Don’t START NOW, You Will have Dis-Ease:

  • No-one got NOWHERE by doing Nothing.
  • You can move TOWARDS your goals or Away from them.
  • The Longer you wait the Harder it is.

You Only Have 1 Body, and YOU Have it Forever:

  • Set a Goal
  • Plan each Day to Include you reaching your goal
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • Visually display some powerful affirmations you can focus on
  • Focus on your WHY and WHY you need this
  • Show gratitude for every step along the way

When all else FAILS….. Seek Help from a Professional:

  • Get a full Health check from your GP
  • Find a Personal Trainer who can assess you, and formulate a progressive plan to get you back on the road to optimal health and fitness.

Chantal Gerardy


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