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My Mom is my Inspiration!

Look what a Visit to Us has Created! My mom is back in 🇿🇦 South Africa , started a BIGGER THAN MINE Veggie garden and is back to FEELING GOOD & teaching Seniors Dancing!

My Mother is my Inspiration!

Many of you may not know this story. My mom has always been skinny, but has suffered with poor health , IBS and migraines … ever increasing since I left for Australia in 2008.


So much so >>> Her Quality of Life Decreased:

  • It affected her working
  • Travelling
  • and she had to stop her passion of teaching dancing.

It got so bad , that when I visited her Xmas 2015, My brother and I had to drive her on Xmas day to a hospital. (I had Mc Donald’s for Xmas dinner as nowhere else was open – true horrifying story). I think she spent 2 out of the 3 weeks I was there visiting , in hospital . I guess it was good i was there to help.

So after more doctors, more tests and a better focus on health, wellness and fitness, my mom started improving. Her family in Australia 🇦🇺 then decided to bring her here. (Last year) And after almost a year of her staying with us (although a roller coaster ride at times)


My mom is back in SA, feeling better, sending me pictures of her huge Broccoli from her garden, and is back to teaching dancing!


Moral of the story ….

🌺 Education is key
🌺 Don’t accept poor health
🌺 Help is everywhere



I’m so Proud of you Mom! And very grateful for the Family that Love and want to help You.

Here is a blog I wrote when she arrived

Let’s Chat and see how I can Help you. 

Call Chantal on: 0400 107 706


2 Things Kept me ACCOUNTABLE this Morning!

HAPPY MONSLAY ! 2 Things kept me ACCOUNTABLE this morning!

1) Ziggy Gerardy

2) Strava

One of the EASIEST ways to stay on track and Kick Goals, is have some

  • Help,
  • and of course ACCOUNTABILITY !

Ziggy needs his daily run, so when he looks at you with his Puppy Dog eyes, you feel guilty NOT TO take him. We are slowly finding our rhythm as we run together. I use a running belt (less pull on my arms) and I also click the direction I’m turning, so he knows where to go and we don’t trip over each other.

The MORE CONSISTENT we are, the BETTER & EASIER it gets.

Being a pup, he can be a little erratic. STOP.  START etc.

But a little ‘COME ON’, ‘Let’s GO’ and he’s back on track! And when I start to break the rhythm and slow down, he looks at me like ‘COME ON’!

So I’m Happy we have each other to help each other get going on a Monday! MONDAY IS ALWAYS the BEST day to Kickstart your Eating & Exercise Plan again!

Actually, this BLOG says something a little different lol. READ THIS and be inspired! >>> http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au/when-is-the-best-time-t…/ 

So Ziggy keeps me accountable and motivates me with his Puppy Dog eyes!


Do you have that? Do you NEED that?

Did you know that the Number 1 thing that our fitness group appreciates from us is >>>> ACCOUNTABILITY!

Text for your FREE TRIAL HERE >>> 0400107706

Oh, and my No 2. Accountability for today was STRAVA!

A Fitness tracking APP. I can keep record of how many kilometres I do per week, plus i get trophies for any records I may achieve. We can give each other a ‘thumbs up’ , challenge or JOIN EACH OTHER!

Download STRAVA and let me be your Training Buddy.

Search for Chantal Gerardy 0400107706/.

I wanna help you in your FITNESS JOURNEY!


YOU Can Get More Energy and Self – Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Fit


YOU can Get more energy and self – motivation to lose weight and get fit.

What is your current Mindset?

How can you create the headspace to start exercising?


Follow these simple but extremely effective principles to achieve energy and self motivation to lose weight and get fit.


Beliefs: What are your belief systems? Do you really not have time? Do you honestly not have enough money to spend on your health? Well… then how else do other busy, working, stressed out people manage it? If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t believe health and fitness is possible for you, then why even bother making excuses for yourself?

# Write 3 Current Beliefs and then Reframe them

eg.I don’t have time for http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.autraining?

Reframed = I have all the time I need for self care.


Attitude: Attitude is a choice. Is your glass half full or half empty? You can chose to moan and complain, keep making excuses, or stay where you are and feel how you feel, or you can make the decision to step out of the whirlwind, and create the change you need for yourself.

# Write down 3 NEW Decisions you have made and are going to commit to.

eg. I choose to and commit to going to the gym twice per week.


Self Talk: What you keep telling yourself (about yourself and about your situation) is the reality you will create for yourself. The more you say it, the more it will embed itself in you and the more it will gravitate towards you. If you dont value and love yourself, then no-one else will.

# Write 3 things you kehttp://vigourdynamicfitness.com.auep telling yourself and then reframe them

eg. Im too unfit to train. Reframed = The more I train, the fitter and healthy I become.


Gratitude: Being grateful for every little specific victory is hugely important for your mindset and attitude, and will help to keep you motivated and inspired. Every time you give thanks or significance to everyone and everything around you, you will create a positive bubble around you, which people will be naturally attracted to, plus your worries will begin to disappear.

# Write 3 things you are grateful for and then give them significance by saying thank you for why. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is highly effective for a positive mindset. http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au


Write down your 12 Answers (#) and reflect and practice them daily. Your brain is a muscle to. With better thought processes and improved mindset work daily, your self care and personal development will improve, making it easier for you to prioritise your health and fitness.

If you are struggling to get yourself motivated, and to get back on track, and would like some help, please contact me here http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au/contact/ . You will receive a FREE Recipe ebook, plus a FREE weeks group fitness sessions with me. Still overwhelmed? Or NOT on THE Gold Coast? STILL CONTACT ME HERE http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au/contact/ and let me know, and ill give you a FREE 10min consult over the phone.