Rapid Bioscan

Do you know what your body is made up of? Find out exactly what makes up your weight.
Get your medically graded Rapid Bioscan to see exactly how much muscle, fat & water makes up your body.

Looking for a simple, easy and fantastic way to monitor the success of your health and fitness goals?

Try the Personal Body Composition Analysis from Rapid Bioscan. This simple, 30-second test will calculate your:

  • Muscle mass;
  • Fat mass and fat percentage;’
  • Total body water;
  • Percentage body fat;
  • Skeletal muscle mass; and
  • Basal Metabolic Rate

You will also get an obesity diagnosis; a segmental analysis of fat and lean weight (right/left arm; right/left leg); and guidance for weight management.

It’s a great way to track your progress and understand how your current diet, exercise and lifestyle are influencing your body composition. A experienced professional will go over your results with you, and help you to set achievable goals

Saturdays at 7am. Check out Rapid Bioscan’s Facebook page for dates and information.
All sessions open to absolutely anyone (non members welcome), No bookings required and cost is just $20 Cash. Free for Challengers and VIPs
Rapid Bioscan Burleigh Vigour Dynamic Fitness The Fit Hub Body Composition Analysis


The Fit Hub Cubs – Kids Bioscan

Let’s discover what my body is made up of.  A simple, 30 second test will break down every component of the child’s body and display it in an easy to understand printout.
Alongside each component, is a nutritional evaluation to help children understand what foods they should and shouldn’t be eating.  By allowing children to understand what is going on in their body, they are able to make healthier lifestyle choices.
An example of the Kids Bioscan…
Vigour Dynamic Fitness Kids Bioscan Example Rapid Bioscan Burleigh Gold Coast
Contact Chantal on 0400 107 706 for more information or contact NOW.
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