My Mother’s Guide To Living Active and Healthy

So How Can Your Mother Live Healthy and Active Into Her Mature Years?

Living Active and Healthy

Your mother has been there and done that. She has done the hard yards. Been through her own adolescence, relationships, child rearing and their teens years. Been through the cabbage soup diet stage, “fats are the enemy” and eat loads of carbohydrates.

So her kids have left the house, she’s been hard at work, providing for the family, and is now starting to go through menopause. Where does that leave her health and fitness? How can she begin to feel youthful and vibrant again?

With new health and fitness trends, how is she supposed to make sense of her next step forward?

  • Whavigour fitness active and healthy grannyt to eat?
  • How to exercise?
  • What supplements to take?
  • How to deal with the body changing?
  • Manage aches and pains that have crept in over the years.
  • Positive Mindset and Beliefs.
  • Being a Super Granny.
  • Getting Support

What to eat as an active and healthy mature adult?

In the busy-ness of life, people often don’t take much notice of how food is affecting their overall health, or they have neglected eating an adequately nutritious diet. It doesn’t help that diets trend and change all the time. In my experience, having a mother who has been cursed with hereditary health issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure and bowel issues), we have learnt to experiment and educate ourselves as she began experiencing further (accumulative) health issues in her early 60’s.

Try this:

  • active granny mobilityAwareness: Track your eating and activity each day for a week. Identify what issues you are having with your health. Consider your hereditary predisposition and what niggles keep popping up. Discuss with your GP, and get everything checked out first.
  • Sugar: Eliminate sugar from your day (recommended to start by doing this for 2 weeks). Combine with oil pulling and tongue scraping to reduce sugar cravings and assisting with detoxing.
  • Greens: Add greens to EVERY meal. This assists with alkalizing your body. The body thrives better in a non-acidic environment. Disease thrives in an acidic body. Greens include kale, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus etc or supplement with supergreens in a smoothie.
  • Fats: Include Good fats into each of your meals. This is essential for heart, brain and bone health.
  • Gluten and Dairy: Are you gluten or dairy intolerant? Educate yourself with foods and read your food labels. Now experiment with these foods and monitor any bodily effects. I recommend that even if you are not intolerant to gluten or diary, that you still limit them in your diet. Keeping track of what you eat daily, will give you a clear understanding of how much you actually sneak in daily. Opt for gluten free products and milk alternatives (almond/rice milk).
  • Read Food labels: Check sugar content and read the ingredients section. The ingredients are listed in order of what the item is most made of. Avoid foods that have (brackets) and numbers. These are added chemicals. Stick to non-processed foods from the good earth and avoid man-made products in packaging.
  • Portion size: As you get older, your activity and muscle mass decreases. You will need less calories and more nutritious foods. Choose foods that are high in nutrients and low in energy/calories.
  • Supplementation: Fish oils and Probiotics are vital for a healthy and active adult. It is necessary for  all adults  to include these supplements in their diets, as the food we eat often lacks in these very necessary nutrients. These will assist in helping with memory, muscle, bone and your immune system.
  • Support: Get the help you need and ensure the next part of your life you can live well. There are so many types of holistic services available nowadays. Listen to your body before it starts to scream at you. The Fit Hub in Burleigh has a range of health, wellness and fitness services to assist you  Make sure you seek necessary help with any hormonal challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Education: There are various nutrition workshops  available which will assist you in being able  to manage your own meal plans with knowledgeable understanding. There are many facebook, instagram and pinterest posts on clean eating and gluten/dairy free options, along with recipes. Focus on all that is good for your to eat, and start to experiment.
  • Sleep: 6-8 hours is needed for optimal health. Day time naps may interfere with your evening sleeps. Manage your days carefully and allow yourself adequate rest, however be sure to get a solid nights sleep. Create a bed time routine, and avoid TV or the lap top after 7pm. Allow your body (and mind) to properly prepare for bed time.

Functional fitness, exercise and staying active for the mature adult.

  • Background: We all have history, which may have had an effect on the body. From car accidents to being ex-runners, child births and many other lifestyle factors, all play a part in leaving the body with niggles and even maybe restrictions. You still have a life to live. There is no need to limit the enjoyment of your life span. Once again, get the help you need from a personal trainer who can assist you in strengthening thevigour fitness granny stretching body and helping you to live a more functional(and less restrictive) life.
  • Function: Why functional fitness? Well, we want to be able to carry the washing basket, play with the kids and walk the dog. How about being able to vacuum the floors and get in and out of the car without back or hip pain? Stretching and performing functional exercises with a personal trainer, will assist in strengthening you, and working around your niggles and injuries. Be sure to wear the right training gear and shoes when exercising.
  • Keep moving: The worst thing  for “bad backs” and “sore knees” is doing nothing. Get the necessary help and support to “fix” and work around the problem. Sitting is the absolute worst thing to start doing as you age. Enjoy the next phase in your life by doing the things you love and now have time to do. Walk, garden, play with the gran kids, get and walk a dog, ride a push bike to the corner shop or even dance…. Monitor the amount of time you actual sit / rest during the day. Join a walking/swimming/cycle/fitness group, or find yoga/pilates sessions you can incorporate into your week. Park farthest from the shopping entrance, take the stairs and help your kids with their chores.

Mindset and Beliefs

  • Attitude: Attitude is everything, and it all starts with a choice. Choose to have an open mind.  Changing your thoughts and belief systems, can change the way you look at your life. Embrace your new life stage. Choose to be happy.
  • Gratitude: Give thanks for all your life experiences and for where you are right now. This  will  lead to having a positive outlook on life, which is a huge contributor to your mental health and inner wellness.

Be a SUPER Granny

Being a super granny, to me, means being able to live an enjoyable life with your kids and grandkids. Being able to keep busy with them, and enjoy their special moments. Being around…. for as long as possible. Seeing their granny in good health. Happy and healthy.  Being able to help their kids, rather than be a hindrance on them.

Your Support

Support your mom in this change of her life. Give her opportunities and responsibilities to allow her to feel special and needed. Facilitate her education and activity by going along to nutrition workshops and signing up for fitness sessions.  Show her kindness, gratitude and patience as she enters this new life stage.

For further information on getting personal training or nutritional advice, for yourself or your mum, contact Chantal



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  1. Sheryn
    September 10, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    Great advice. I’ll be sharing this with my mum as her health has been declining recently. Time to reverse, or at least slow down, the aging process!

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