My Mom is my Inspiration!

Look what a Visit to Us has Created! My mom is back in 🇿🇦 South Africa , started a BIGGER THAN MINE Veggie garden and is back to FEELING GOOD & teaching Seniors Dancing!

My Mother is my Inspiration!

Many of you may not know this story. My mom has always been skinny, but has suffered with poor health , IBS and migraines … ever increasing since I left for Australia in 2008.

So much so >>> Her Quality of Life Decreased:

  • It affected her working
  • Travelling
  • and she had to stop her passion of teaching dancing.

It got so bad , that when I visited her Xmas 2015, My brother and I had to drive her on Xmas day to a hospital. (I had Mc Donald’s for Xmas dinner as nowhere else was open – true horrifying story). I think she spent 2 out of the 3 weeks I was there visiting , in hospital . I guess it was good i was there to help.

So after more doctors, more tests and a better focus on health, wellness and fitness, my mom started improving. Her family in Australia 🇦🇺 then decided to bring her here. (Last year) And after almost a year of her staying with us (although a roller coaster ride at times)


My mom is back in SA, feeling better, sending me pictures of her huge Broccoli from her garden, and is back to teaching dancing!


Moral of the story ….

🌺 Education is key
🌺 Don’t accept poor health
🌺 Help is everywhere


I’m so Proud of you Mom! And very grateful for the Family that Love and want to help You.

Here is a blog I wrote when she arrived…/

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