Is Multitasking Productive or Unproductive? Try this Exercise…

Can YOU Multitask Efficiently?

Try this Exercise by Craig Leith (an Expert on Procrastination)!

Complete this on a Piece of Paper, and Time yourself BOTH times:

Firstly: Solve the Problem from Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Secondly: Solve the Problem from Top to Bottom, Left to Right.



You will see that you are HALF as fast doing it the SECOND way. Why? Because their are 3 Different Tasks requiring different thought processes, and switching between them causes brainfog / mental stress.
We only have a certain amount of willpower daily, and if you use it all up in the morning by multitasking, it’ll make you less productive and mentally exhausted by the end of the day.

So Multitasking is Ineffective , Unproductive and Exhausting! What now?

Instead… Plan each day before it starts. Include all ‘have to do’ and ‘need to do plus ‘want to do’

Yes that includes your meals and exercise.

Complete 1 task at a time to be more productive and create more valuable time in your day GOALSETTING is a very important part of our fitness programming.

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