Make JOY a Fitness Goal! Its NOT just about being SKINNY!

Make JOY a Fitness Goal! Its NOT just about Being SKINNY!

Fitness Is NOT just about being Skinny or Fit. It’s more about the JOY you get from being Active and using your body. Don’t make it your ONLY GOAL to become “just SKINNY” although that would be a bonus if you did, make it your goal to be STRONG, HEALTHY, ACTIVE and above all Joyful!

Sandy jumped out early this morning excited to get in those good waves, but I was a little more reluctant to do anything. WHY? After silks and an obstacle race last week, my back has been a little niggly… so stairs and a run were OUT.

We both only slightly encourage each other when it comes to Fitness, because we’re both pretty good at our own Inspiration.

You see, motivation requires an external PUSH, but Inspiration comes from your own Personal Intention to do it.

So after lying in bed pondering for an extra 5 minutes, I jumped out and onto my


I knew how GOOD it would make me feel!

and later that morning….. I rode into Sandy ( from )  who had just finished his surf… Apparently I was wearing my bicycle helmet all WRONG. Apparently the way I had it before was ‘UNCOOL’ lol. So He gave me a helmet adjustment (Thx…. Wouldn’t want to be UNCOOL LOL)

Myself and Brhea were talking about it at the True Grit Obstacle Race. There were all different ages, sizes and fitness levels, but EVERYONE was soooo HAPPY! No misery, negativity or bad attitudes.

and I wanted to FEEL GOOD! So, Hopping out of bed was a GREAT DECISION.


Because >>>>>

I knew how GOOD it would make me Feel!

And an Extra FEEL GOOD BONUS was >>>

After Riding into Sandy
(And After the helmet adjustment lol)

He calls to say
“It’s so good to see my darling out and about doing her thing”

Yup! Surfings made him feel good to.

* Training makes you feel AMAZEBALLS *


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