Who has Planted Ginger or Turmeric Before?

Who has Planted Ginger or Turmeric Before? 

We’re giving it a go for ginger, turmeric, garlic and spring onions… Apparently this is the best way to get it to sprout (which could take 4months) and then you plant it into a container. They are just above the water , so the roots grow looking for water. They like an indoors warm place, I’m using the kitchen window. Too much moisture makes the root rot and die.

Benefits of Turmeric and Ginger:

1) Cancer prevention
2) Reduce inflammation
3) Reduce symptoms of indigestion and other stomach problems

Spring Onion anyone? This was an easy one! We bought a bunch, ate the leaves and then replanted the roots and it’s gone crazy! I get the kids to chop off the leaves and we add to our cooking.

Benefits of Spring Onion

1) Good for the heart
2) Improves bone density
3) Cancer precention
4) Good for the eyes
5) Lowers blood sugar levels
6) Prevents stomach complications
7) Powerful antioxidant

How about Garlic? I had 2 bulbs that had a little sprout and I thought ‘these guys aren’t ready to be eaten, they want to reproduce’. So with the help of google, I just planted them (thinking it wouldn’t work) and TADA they are growing happily.

Benefits of Garlic:

1) Prevention of Heart Disease

2) Provide relief from cold and flu
3) Blood purifier
4) Antibacterial
5) Antiparasitic
6) Protect the skin and hair
7) Cancer prevention

Why plant your own veggies and herbs? 

1) Apparently it’s calming (I still get a little frustrated as I’m still learning and hate killing things)
2) Its a family activity which the kids get involved in. They learn and experiment with how to grow and eat it.
3) It saves you $$$
4) It gets you creative, as you try use what you’ve got before it dies

5) You can grow them naturally without pesticides and other nasties.

Would you like to learn more about how to include good clean nutrients into your family diet? Check out our nutrition workshops.

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