Yay! Extra excited as I received my Doterra TRAVEL PACK for my 3 girls today…. for when they go to their DADS.

Transitioning is already difficult for them, especially for my twins as they go into their ‘teen’ years and high school. Having their oils at their dads house , is definitely going to help.

MissE made up 8 little bottles they could take with them. This is the 8 DOTERRA Oils they chose to take with them, and WHY …. let’s call it Their Gr8 girls kit:

Tea Tree: Acne, Allergies, Infection, Colds
Lavender: Concentration, Chapped lips, Bites, Sleep
Deep Blue: Soothing, Muscular Pain
Clary Sage: Cramps, PMS
Digest Zen: Digestive Blend
Peppermint: Allergies, Cramps, Headache, Alertness
On guard: Immune Defence
Frankincense: Asthma, Cough, Mental fatigue

Doterra Supporters…. it was difficult to chose! Would you have used another instead?

So for tonights gratitude around the dinner table, MissJ says “Tonight Id like to give thanks to Clary Calm, the monthly blend for women” HYSTERICAL!

We use these as ‘muti’ in our house (South African = witch doctor medicine) and the girls are familiar with researching natural remedies (and cleaning products) and they make up Their own suitable ‘potions’ . Just this week we made our own ‘dry lips’ remedy and immune defence solution.

Wanna be a ‘Witch Doctor’ to? Keen to learn how to use natural alternatives? Give me a SHOUT …. (oh, I have something to help with that to lol)

Pm me …. and we can have coffee with some of my Natural Peppermint Crisp (which improves brain power and allergies, plus tastes YUM) (LINK TO Instagram Vigourfitness)

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