Don’t Let your Back Issues Affect You 

Do Suffer with Back Pain?

I went to drop off some small of kids books and clothing, and the 3 ladies at salvos freaked out about:

1) me carrying the small box 10 feet to the door
2) putting it on the floor because then they had to bend to pick it up
3) didn’t want me to put it in the empty bins because they would have to bend and reach too far down.
4) wanted me to use a trolley and not lift the boxes out

Many of us are affected by Back Pain they didn’t know (and many of u don’t know) is I have a hole in my back. We recently found out after X-rays with my Chiropractor, that my niggly back has been due to this hole I was probably born with. Due to the abnormality, I now have subluxation in my cervical and lumbar region. In fact, if I hadn’t been training, I would be in a lot worse shape and pain.


Back Pain does affect me ….

But I can still lift, carry and bend. Why?

1) When my body whispered, I listened before it screamed. I got X-rays and some help
2) I’m self aware. I have 1 body and want it to last and be user friendly . I want to be able to fight for myself and my kids should I need to, run for a thief should I need to, and crawl safely on the floor should I need to retrieve my false teeth when I need to (3sec rule lol)
3) I educate myself on what I can and can’t do, and work everyday at protecting and strengthening my body.
4) I get Chiro, remedial massages, needling and pilates regularly. I mobilise daily.

I make Sure I’m  Fit & Strong make sure I’m Fit and strong enough to lift, carry and bend … and if I couldn’t, and was in fear of hurting myself daily, I would do something about it.


Who would want to live like that? Regardless of your limitations (don’t accept them!) there is always a way. I’d recommend speaking to an experienced personal trainer, to get your life back so you can live it to its fullest.


Let’s connect! Contact us for more information and lets get you Free from Back Pain!


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