How do YOU Deal with Lifes “Curve Balls”?

From OMG, to Downward Dog on the Beach….

By 9am, LIFE had already thrown me 2 curve balls. My day had been Planned with all GOOD Intentions, and I was in a GOOD mood, until the first curve ball Before 7am. Then, another curve ball thrown at me, resulting me having to GO OFF PLAN, sacrifice my planned walk and YUP, FRUSTRATION LEVELS RISING. How should I deal with lifes curve balls?

Things Happen in 3’s RIGHT?

So when I Rushed into YOGA at 930am (held back by before mentioned 2 curve balls), I was told the session would NOW be held at the beach, I went OMG! This must be the 3rd curveball.

I had a Long sleeve top on, no sunscreen or cap, I only had 1 hour parking (and they were walking around the corner, and OMG I would have to negotiate the sand. YUP>>>> My face said it all, and here the lovely yoga teacher is just looking at me in WONDERMENT, because I’m  Looking at her like THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW! NAH! Not doing it! Lots of work to do, this must be a sign, I’m out of here!


Walking to the car, I have a STERN CHAT to myself.

Happy Days


What happened to me being a YES Person?

Someone who MAKES SH!T HAPPEN?

And OMG ! I just looked at this chick like it was the END OF THE WORLD, when all she did was ask me to come do yoga on one of Gold Coasts Beautiful beaches!

So, I ran to the car, dug out an old singlet and cap to put on, added some sunscreen and ran down to the beach.


The Pleasant Teacher says “I’m so glad you changed your mind and joined us”

and, as my usual self would, I told her how I had to have a stern talk to myself about my attitude, and after that, I realised that this was the PERFECT THING for me to be doing after the morning Id had.


So, on the beautiful Gold Coast Beach, we started Yoga.

and the most Beautiful (and relevant) words came from her mouth >>>>

“Allow the sound of the ocean to Clear your Frustrations. Ground yourself to the Earth”

“Focus on your Inner Breathe and Peace, allowing the imperfect sand and outside NOISE of the world to disappear and not affect your energy and flow” SOMETHING like that! But it all made PERFECT SENSE.

I thought the Sun, Sand, Barking Dogs, Lawnmower and ‘watching’ People would all distract me, But when I focused my Energy on Myself, the outside DRAMA would no longer Upset my FLOW.

We preceded to Downward Dog, Cat and Cow, and Salute to the Glorious sun, and all the BS left my Personal Bubble. YES! I was right where I needed to be.


So maybe things happen in 2’s? Or maybe things don’t happen at all, WHEN you DON’T give them Permission to affect you? You HAVE THE POWER over HOW you ALLOW Situations to Make you feel…. For me….. Definitely an Eternal Process. Here is another Blog on:  Changing you Thoughts.

Here are my Top Tips for Avoiding Life’s Curve Balls:

  • Know Who you are and What your Values are, so You cannot be COMPROMISED when Sh!t happens.
  • Don’t be Quick to React, most times, Breathing and Walking away Leads to a BETTER Outcome.
  • Be Self Aware, and Check your Self Talk.
  • Do NOT play the “Blaming Game”. Take Responsibility for your Actions and Inactions.
  • Surround yourself with Like Minded people, who have similar Values and Beliefs, who can Support you, by Pulling you UP.
  • Self – Development = Self – Improvement
  • Exercise is SELF-CARE. SELF-CARE is NOT SELFISH. A Consistent Exercise regime will improve your overall health & wellness, including your mental health. It is the BEST tool for coping with lives curve balls.

PS. The World is NOT Against You!

Sooooooo to Follow on from my Story…



I came home to find that someone had found my Dogs Tag, and had found our place, and neatly tied it to our front door. I also then received 2 Fantastic OUT OF THE BALL PARK calls. It was as if Id Slipped out of the NEGATIVE REALM, right into the POSITIVE FLOW.


Be a Champion on your Worst Day!


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