Should Sunday be a Restday?

….. Its Sunday….. What’s my attitude?


Should I :

A) Stay in bed. That doesn’t happen often. I deserve to.

B) Go for a walk. Thats exercise right? At least I’m moving.

C) Manifest bad surf for my partner so we can go for breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.

D) I’ll just start tomorrow. Monday’s always a good day to start.

E) Lie on the beach and watch my partner surf. That’ll be refreshing.

F) Walk the stairs until my partner finishes surfing (usually an hour or so)
with Attitude


1) Hurry the heck up Sandy(my partner),  it’s Sunday
2)Take my time and enjoy the Sunday fresh air
3) Race to see how many I can get in.

Why should I go with F3…. Because:

  • your goals should be bigger than your excuses
  • you may miss a session this week Due to work or weather
  • it’s easier to get it in when you can rather than when It gets busy during the week
  • weekdays can be be hectic, so the likelihood of making it up then doesn’t look good


Are you a high achiever? If you set a minimum goal of Doing 4/week, then that’s what you should do regardless. make shit happen.


  • you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be fill of energy and euphoria
  • it’s Sunday, and even though you did the stairs, you will still get to watch the surf, go for breakfast,walk the dogs and climb back into bed if you want to
  • The next day is Monday and you’ll be ahead of the game BOOM!
  • Have you set your goals?
  • Have you achieved your weekly goal of fitness
  • There’s no day like the present


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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Surving School Holidays

Work must go on.


So how do we small business owners, who possibly work from home, cope with still being a good parent, and keep the kids happy and healthy during the holidays?


Some of you may know that I was a school teacher for 5 years in south africa before becoming a personal trainer. I taught PREP at private christian schools (4 years with all boys in Durban and 1 year co-ed in Johannesburg)  One of the reasons I have created this life for myself, is so that I can be there for my 3 girls through-out their school life. That includes when they sick, have special school events and during the school holidays.


Now im not going to lie, it takes some simple strategy and planning to make school holidays mutually enjoyable when you trying to keep your business going through school holidays. This was by far the most important thing I had to acknowledge first. Yes, it requires strategy and planning. The second important thing, was realizing that I was fighting a losing battle if I worked against the naturally occurring seasons…. I had to come up with some a survival guide.

I hope this helps you….

My survival Guide:

You will get no-where and achieve nothing if you go with the flow. You will feel frustrated, which will fuel the kids to act out.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

  • On a Sunday, Plan your week ahead. I use a gmail calendar on my phone (or computer), so I can print out the week for all of us to see and know where we are at, and where we are going. It gives everyone a road map. My girls have even learnt to schedule their play dates, dancing and events into my calendar. This needs to be done carefully.
  • Include the ‘have to do’. Use different colours and include Things like your appointments, and the kids scheduled activities. Make sure there is enough space in between to avoid stress and rushing. Think about the distance and time to travel. Use google maps for this. Make sure you also include the necessary housework and gardening. If you are like me, who gets the children to help with the chores, Again use a different colour for each child and yourself. Chores are evenly distributed in my house and are age appropriate. This is a fantastic life skill to teach your children. Ps. You are not their slave. Just as you help them, they should respect and help you. This teaches love and appreciation.
  • Include your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on the calendar. Again, use 3 different colours. Block out an hour for each. That will give you enough time to prepare, clean up, plus sit and enjoy it with the kids. Itll also make sure that you get in 3 good meals that day. (PS> I have a strict rule! Your kids should eat what you eat! You are their role model, so be a good one! Plus you shouldn’t have to be preparing different meals for each kid. Children need to learn the value of eating good nutritious food for health. We eat for fuel. ) One of my best tips is to PREPARE THEIR LUNCH BOXES even in the holidays. This means they always have food (Youll eliminate the ‘IM HUNGRY’), you ensure they eat a balanced daily diet, you are only in the kitchen to prepare and clean ONCE and YOUR lunch box should be prepared to (Because you and the kids all eat nutritious food) Feeding them sugary, snacky food full of additives and preservatives will only raise their blood sugar levels and create uncontrollable behavior. Choose food that is High in good fats, lean protein and nutrients and avoid white foods, sugar, gluten and dairy, plus of course junk food and lollies.
  • Make a grocery list and go shopping. Try to go without the children. Shopping IS NOT an activity for the kids. It will aggravate you, and them, plus cost you unnecessary money as you try to please them, or end up eating takeaway or getting naughty treats. Shop online once a week, or if you can, leave them with someone, or even go late night shopping. Have you thought about a play date swap? You watch mine whilst I go shopping and then ill watch yours when you go. WIN WIN. Planned properly, you should only need to go once a week. If you run out of something, write it on a list, get creative and improvise for the rest of the week, and get it next week. TRUST ME! This will save you time, money and stress!
  • Now have a ‘meeting’ with your kids to discuss what they would like to do in the holidays. This includes what YOU would like to do to. Obviously it needs to be within reason, fit into the timetable and your budget. Explain that there are a few ‘have to do’ things for you, but you want them to also get to do what they want to do (within reason) Depending on the time you have left available on your schedule, and how many kids you have, you may want to let each child choose 1 or 2 activities. You may even restrict them by saying 1 outing and 1 no expense activity. Make sure you yourself have decided before you sit down with them, so you are able to direct them. This activity teaches mutual respect for each other. Explain that once the ‘have to do’ are done, plus the chores, every person will get to do what they want. WIN WIN. We use a whiteboard where the children and I tick off our ‘have to do’ activities and the chores, so we can then get to the fun part of holidaying.
  • Display your weekly timetable so the children are aware of everyones responsibilities. They wont keep bothering you with “is it time to go to the park yet?” because it will be coloured and clear on the timetable, which includes and considers everyone. If it’s a fighting and frustrating battle to work from home with the kids on holiday, then send them to holiday care or work from the library. At the library, they can use the computers or read, and have to be quiet and not run around.
  • Love your children for being children. Remember to praise them and show them gratitude when they mark off their tasks on the whiteboard. This will keep them motivated to happily continue. If they have not done what was clearly asked of them, then DO NOT REWARD THEM NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE! You will only be creating monsters long term. And, as hard as it is, outside of working hours, put your mummy hat back on and give your kids the uninterrupted significance they deserve.

So what did I mean when I said I don’t fight the naturally occurring seasons? Well, I run my 8 week challenges in the school term, so I can focus on my kids in the holidays, and focus on my clients when the kids are back in school. This is good for them to as they are less destracted and they can make time for themselves. Register for our next 8 week challenge HERE. Our Hub is child friendly and we are passionate about helping other parents get their health and fitness back on track so they can be better parents.

YOU Can Get More Energy and Self – Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Fit


YOU can Get more energy and self – motivation to lose weight and get fit.

What is your current Mindset?

How can you create the headspace to start exercising?


Follow these simple but extremely effective principles to achieve energy and self motivation to lose weight and get fit.


Beliefs: What are your belief systems? Do you really not have time? Do you honestly not have enough money to spend on your health? Well… then how else do other busy, working, stressed out people manage it? If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t believe health and fitness is possible for you, then why even bother making excuses for yourself?

# Write 3 Current Beliefs and then Reframe them

eg.I don’t have time for

Reframed = I have all the time I need for self care.


Attitude: Attitude is a choice. Is your glass half full or half empty? You can chose to moan and complain, keep making excuses, or stay where you are and feel how you feel, or you can make the decision to step out of the whirlwind, and create the change you need for yourself.

# Write down 3 NEW Decisions you have made and are going to commit to.

eg. I choose to and commit to going to the gym twice per week.


Self Talk: What you keep telling yourself (about yourself and about your situation) is the reality you will create for yourself. The more you say it, the more it will embed itself in you and the more it will gravitate towards you. If you dont value and love yourself, then no-one else will.

# Write 3 things you ke telling yourself and then reframe them

eg. Im too unfit to train. Reframed = The more I train, the fitter and healthy I become.


Gratitude: Being grateful for every little specific victory is hugely important for your mindset and attitude, and will help to keep you motivated and inspired. Every time you give thanks or significance to everyone and everything around you, you will create a positive bubble around you, which people will be naturally attracted to, plus your worries will begin to disappear.

# Write 3 things you are grateful for and then give them significance by saying thank you for why. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is highly effective for a positive mindset.


Write down your 12 Answers (#) and reflect and practice them daily. Your brain is a muscle to. With better thought processes and improved mindset work daily, your self care and personal development will improve, making it easier for you to prioritise your health and fitness.

If you are struggling to get yourself motivated, and to get back on track, and would like some help, please contact me here . You will receive a FREE Recipe ebook, plus a FREE weeks group fitness sessions with me. Still overwhelmed? Or NOT on THE Gold Coast? STILL CONTACT ME HERE and let me know, and ill give you a FREE 10min consult over the phone.

My Mother’s Guide To Living Active and Healthy

So How Can Your Mother Live Healthy and Active Into Her Mature Years?

Living Active and Healthy

Your mother has been there and done that. She has done the hard yards. Been through her own adolescence, relationships, child rearing and their teens years. Been through the cabbage soup diet stage, “fats are the enemy” and eat loads of carbohydrates.

So her kids have left the house, she’s been hard at work, providing for the family, and is now starting to go through menopause. Where does that leave her health and fitness? How can she begin to feel youthful and vibrant again?

With new health and fitness trends, how is she supposed to make sense of her next step forward?

  • Whavigour fitness active and healthy grannyt to eat?
  • How to exercise?
  • What supplements to take?
  • How to deal with the body changing?
  • Manage aches and pains that have crept in over the years.
  • Positive Mindset and Beliefs.
  • Being a Super Granny.
  • Getting Support

What to eat as an active and healthy mature adult?

In the busy-ness of life, people often don’t take much notice of how food is affecting their overall health, or they have neglected eating an adequately nutritious diet. It doesn’t help that diets trend and change all the time. In my experience, having a mother who has been cursed with hereditary health issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure and bowel issues), we have learnt to experiment and educate ourselves as she began experiencing further (accumulative) health issues in her early 60’s.

Try this:

  • active granny mobilityAwareness: Track your eating and activity each day for a week. Identify what issues you are having with your health. Consider your hereditary predisposition and what niggles keep popping up. Discuss with your GP, and get everything checked out first.
  • Sugar: Eliminate sugar from your day (recommended to start by doing this for 2 weeks). Combine with oil pulling and tongue scraping to reduce sugar cravings and assisting with detoxing.
  • Greens: Add greens to EVERY meal. This assists with alkalizing your body. The body thrives better in a non-acidic environment. Disease thrives in an acidic body. Greens include kale, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus etc or supplement with supergreens in a smoothie.
  • Fats: Include Good fats into each of your meals. This is essential for heart, brain and bone health.
  • Gluten and Dairy: Are you gluten or dairy intolerant? Educate yourself with foods and read your food labels. Now experiment with these foods and monitor any bodily effects. I recommend that even if you are not intolerant to gluten or diary, that you still limit them in your diet. Keeping track of what you eat daily, will give you a clear understanding of how much you actually sneak in daily. Opt for gluten free products and milk alternatives (almond/rice milk).
  • Read Food labels: Check sugar content and read the ingredients section. The ingredients are listed in order of what the item is most made of. Avoid foods that have (brackets) and numbers. These are added chemicals. Stick to non-processed foods from the good earth and avoid man-made products in packaging.
  • Portion size: As you get older, your activity and muscle mass decreases. You will need less calories and more nutritious foods. Choose foods that are high in nutrients and low in energy/calories.
  • Supplementation: Fish oils and Probiotics are vital for a healthy and active adult. It is necessary for  all adults  to include these supplements in their diets, as the food we eat often lacks in these very necessary nutrients. These will assist in helping with memory, muscle, bone and your immune system.
  • Support: Get the help you need and ensure the next part of your life you can live well. There are so many types of holistic services available nowadays. Listen to your body before it starts to scream at you. The Fit Hub in Burleigh has a range of health, wellness and fitness services to assist you  Make sure you seek necessary help with any hormonal challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Education: There are various nutrition workshops  available which will assist you in being able  to manage your own meal plans with knowledgeable understanding. There are many facebook, instagram and pinterest posts on clean eating and gluten/dairy free options, along with recipes. Focus on all that is good for your to eat, and start to experiment.
  • Sleep: 6-8 hours is needed for optimal health. Day time naps may interfere with your evening sleeps. Manage your days carefully and allow yourself adequate rest, however be sure to get a solid nights sleep. Create a bed time routine, and avoid TV or the lap top after 7pm. Allow your body (and mind) to properly prepare for bed time.

Functional fitness, exercise and staying active for the mature adult.

  • Background: We all have history, which may have had an effect on the body. From car accidents to being ex-runners, child births and many other lifestyle factors, all play a part in leaving the body with niggles and even maybe restrictions. You still have a life to live. There is no need to limit the enjoyment of your life span. Once again, get the help you need from a personal trainer who can assist you in strengthening thevigour fitness granny stretching body and helping you to live a more functional(and less restrictive) life.
  • Function: Why functional fitness? Well, we want to be able to carry the washing basket, play with the kids and walk the dog. How about being able to vacuum the floors and get in and out of the car without back or hip pain? Stretching and performing functional exercises with a personal trainer, will assist in strengthening you, and working around your niggles and injuries. Be sure to wear the right training gear and shoes when exercising.
  • Keep moving: The worst thing  for “bad backs” and “sore knees” is doing nothing. Get the necessary help and support to “fix” and work around the problem. Sitting is the absolute worst thing to start doing as you age. Enjoy the next phase in your life by doing the things you love and now have time to do. Walk, garden, play with the gran kids, get and walk a dog, ride a push bike to the corner shop or even dance…. Monitor the amount of time you actual sit / rest during the day. Join a walking/swimming/cycle/fitness group, or find yoga/pilates sessions you can incorporate into your week. Park farthest from the shopping entrance, take the stairs and help your kids with their chores.

Mindset and Beliefs

  • Attitude: Attitude is everything, and it all starts with a choice. Choose to have an open mind.  Changing your thoughts and belief systems, can change the way you look at your life. Embrace your new life stage. Choose to be happy.
  • Gratitude: Give thanks for all your life experiences and for where you are right now. This  will  lead to having a positive outlook on life, which is a huge contributor to your mental health and inner wellness.

Be a SUPER Granny

Being a super granny, to me, means being able to live an enjoyable life with your kids and grandkids. Being able to keep busy with them, and enjoy their special moments. Being around…. for as long as possible. Seeing their granny in good health. Happy and healthy.  Being able to help their kids, rather than be a hindrance on them.

Your Support

Support your mom in this change of her life. Give her opportunities and responsibilities to allow her to feel special and needed. Facilitate her education and activity by going along to nutrition workshops and signing up for fitness sessions.  Show her kindness, gratitude and patience as she enters this new life stage.

For further information on getting personal training or nutritional advice, for yourself or your mum, contact Chantal



What is Wellness?

Wellness describes overall health and wellbeing in terms of a balance between the body, mind and spirit. It is an individuals personal responsibility to set goals and make choices which aim at improving all aspects of a persons body, and not just the physical body. A persons quality of life will improve with better balance between body, mind and spirit and overall wellness can be achieved.What is Wellness?

Wellness is not only a freedom from disease, or absence of illness. It is effected by good nutrition, weight control, exercise and by controlling risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs abuse.

The more healthier your being, the more productive you will be and the fewer absences you will have from work and the better you will feel emotionally.

Recognise that not only do u have a physical responsibility toward wellness, but also psychological, social and spiritual needs which need to function optimumly. Appreciate that everything you do, feel, and believe has an impact on your state of health.

Your physical health, relationships, family life, business life, financial position, in fact all aspects of who you are, and what you do will influence how well you feel at any time.

Self care is the responsibility to take charge of your daily life and set healthy lifestyle goals. It is your personal responsibility to manage your lifestyle to achieve optimum levels of health, including better social and emotional functioning.

So start to become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence. Adopt healthy habits and behaviours which promote better health, balance between body, mind and spirit, and achieve a better quality of life through wellness.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are motivating and encouraging. Form healthy habits of natural, clean eating, a balanced exercise routine and focus on all your dreams and beliefs.

Changing Your Thoughts can Change Your Life

How can You Change Your Thoughts?

Much of our life begins in our thoughts.

Changing your thoughts can change your life…but, how do you change them?

  1. Take an inventory of your thoughts and make a note of the negative/harmful thoughts that you think to yourself repeatedly that are limiting or hurting you
  2. Create an alternative positive/encouraging/helpful thought that you wish to put in its place
  3. When you catch yourself saying/thinking the negative/harmful thought, put the brakes on and tell yourself STOP
  4. Consciously think to yourself the new thought that you’re going to replace the old thought with.
  5. Repeat Persevere Repeat

Change our Thoughts

Some Facts About Fats and Good Ole Butter…

Facts About FatsFacts About Fats

Including a variety of healthy oils and fats into your diet can help to supply your entire body with essential fatty acids for longevity, hormone balance, heart health, sharper vision, glowing moist skin and an increase in energy. Choosing the right fats can prevent inflammation, auto-immune diseases, heart disease and obesity.

As we learn more about the natural fats in butter, we discover that the medium and short chain fatty acids in butter are used in the cell membranes throughout the body for energy and aren’t stored as fat. Some of these fatty acids are also antibacterial and antifungal which can help reduce inflammation and heart disease. They are easy to break down by the body and help to nourish the brain. Butter also contains CLA, which may help prevent weight gain, and butyric acid which may protect against tumors and some cancers.

The reason butter has been getting bad press, is mostly due to the confusion between the butter and margarine saga. Margarine is a bad fat. It is processed and is created chemically from refined polyunsaturated oils. This process is called hydrogenation, and contains trans-fats. It is a hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Industrial seed oils are also bad. Sunflower, cottonseed, canola, soybean, safflower, grapeseed, sesame, peanut, ricebran and corn oils are bad fats, and can be found in all packaged, processed and refined foods. They are high in omega 6, which result in chronic inflammation and immune related diseases, and undergo a chemically harsh extraction and refining process, and are best to avoid. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and cancer have all been linked to excessive omega 6 intake and insufficient quality omega 3 in take.

To gain more omega 3, choose:

  • Pasture-raised animals: Higher levels of fatty acids, vitamins and other micronutrients.
  • Grass-fed animals: Have 3x more omega 3 than grain-fed and have more vitamin E, beta-carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, selenium, calcium and magnesium
  • Pasture-raised eggs: Have 10x more omega 3 than factory hens, and have more B12, folate, vitamin E and A
  • Wild Salmon: Has 10 times more omega 3 than farmed fish plus has 4 times more Vitamin D

With cooking, it is important to note that saturated fats are more stable over heat than unsaturated fats. You don’t want the fat molecules you end up consuming to be damaged. Coconut oil, butter and lard are best used for cooking. Olive oil is ok at a medium heat only. Choose extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil which is less refined, and closest to its natural form.

The Long and Short of it – choose:Blog October Butter Fats Good Bad Vigour Dynamic Fitness Sessions Chantal Gerardy

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil
  • Organic, Grass-fed Raw butter
  • Ghee
  • Lard or
  • Macadamia nut oil.

(Palm oil is also a good choice HOWEVER there are sustainability issues with its widespread use).

Avoid…Margarine and industrial seed oils (sunflower, corn, soybean, cottonseed and peanut oil are the worst)

BEWARE OF MISLEADING LABELLING! When checking the ingredients of a tub of Olive oil butter, it only contained 17% olive oil! The rest was industrial seed oils. Many ‘health products’ also contain many ‘bad’ oils, so always read the ingredients label and not just the packaging.


Be a PERFECTIONIST when it comes to your training

I’m really proud of all those who have showed a marked improvement in their posture, technique and alignment, and have been demonstrating good posture and mobility by retracting shoulders and ensuring a good head position.

I’ve always said a good trainer doesn’t pretend to know everything, but continually furthers their education and skill set in the pursuit of pure training excellence.

Since completing my Pilates course, and refocusing my knowledge on mobility and posture, I can provide a more balanced training program. With the use of the foam roller and correct warming up, mobilising and stretching, we can further establish safe and effective training with the prevention of injury.

Those who have jumped on board and welcomed the cues, have noticed improved alignment, less neck and back tension, increased flexibility, stronger core and better balance in all areas of their training.

In training, nobody is perfect and each individual has their own structural concerns, which is largely dependent on lifestyle patterns and genes. Training through injury, or with bad posture, causes weakness – not strength – and causes more serious, long-term injuries.

As we get older, our bodies experience more ‘wear and tear’ and require more structured and balanced programming to perform optimally.  An unstructured program with haphazard training can result in Illness, over-training, fat storage, muscle loss and injury. So, get in tune with your body, and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Training with varying intensities, and corrective principles, will ensure the body gets adequate TLC it needs to rest and recover, without getting aggravated.

So be a perfectionist with your training and, by all means, be obsessive about it – BUT without allowing it to be a negligent addiction!

Be a PERFECTIONIST when it comes to your training

Fruit V’s Vegetables

Fruit V's Vegetables

Why veggies wins the battle…

Fruit is not filling. Snacking on fruit only results in overconsumption of sugar, resulting in blood sugar levels dropping, and increases your appetite for more sweet sugar. Overconsumption results in no fat loss. You will also appreciate the volume of veggies you can eat, compared to that of fruit, which is important If you want to cut body fat.

Take a medium apple for example.  It contains almost 100 calories and has almost zero protein or fat. All the calories come from carbohydrates – 75% of the carbohydrates are sugar and the rest is fibre. It has almost no calcium and only 200mg potassium.

Compare this to Broccoli, using the same weight broccoli as the apple and it gives you 61 calories, however, the carbohydrates contain 25% sugar (the rest is fibre). Broccoli has 5g protein, 83mg calcium and 564mg potassium.

Everyone advocates eating bananas for potassium. Well, to get the equivalent amount of potassium from bananas as you do from broccoli, you would end up with an extra 150 calories, of which 40g would be carbohydrates and 50% of that would be simple sugar.

A balanced meal consists of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In order to gain muscle and loss fat, you need balanced meals, not sugar from more fruit. Fruit is never as nutrient dense as vegetables are.

So does fruit have a place in our meal plans? It sure does! Simple sugars are required first thing in the morning after a night of ‘fasting’. They are also required within 30 minutes of finishing an intense workout. Active kids may also benefit from fruit intake. Eating seasonal fruit is Gods way of assisting you nutritionally to cope with the changes in the seasons.

Everything in moderation – save your fruit for mornings and after an intense workout, and always combine with a protein to ensure you are getting a better balanced meal and enjoy responsibly!



In life, people need:


People need simplicity and balance in all areas of their lives; health, career, hobbies, with their self-image and when in love. When you accept that things are perfect just as they are, and can provide you with happiness and fulfillment, you feel certain.


Life throws in uncertainty and challenges. This provides variety and tests you to see how badly you want something. It teaches you to keep evolving and progressing and to never become complacent or stagnant with your life.

If you continue to feel uncertain in your life, you will become anxious, depressed, worried, stressed and this will lead an unfulfilling life.


People crave compatibility and mutual understanding. Instead of trying to change people, rather chose to accept the things that you don’t like about them.


Whatever your significance is, have the confidence to go and get it.  Focus on being the best person you can be. You don’t need to try to impress others, you just do what you need to do. Find what you want, take on your fears, stand tall and do what makes you happy.  You do not need to be insecure.


Keep growing in all areas of your life. Don’t get complacent. Always be in the pursuit of things that bring you happiness.


What have you contributed to others? Give your time, money and service to teach others. Life is beautiful so don’t live it with any regrets.  Strive to be the best external and internal for yourself.

How to fulfill your human needs:

1) Create a vision of what you want: Conquer all obstacles, boundaries and setbacks

2) Have enthusiasm and faith: Believe NOW that it’s possible! Have the confidence to prove to yourself you can do it! Challenge yourself and take on all your fears! Be aware of weak words in your head and from your mouth. Talk yourself into greatness. Be passionate and obsessed about achieving the life you have always wanted.

3) Goals: What, When, How, Why…. Plan, and put your plan into ACTION.

4) Be solution focused: Your daily choices will become your habits and rituals, and with the right planning and thought processes, you will eventually create unconscious competence and momentum in your life.