Who has Planted Ginger or Turmeric Before?

Who has Planted Ginger or Turmeric Before? 

We’re giving it a go for ginger, turmeric, garlic and spring onions… Apparently this is the best way to get it to sprout (which could take 4months) and then you plant it into a container. They are just above the water , so the roots grow looking for water. They like an indoors warm place, I’m using the kitchen window. Too much moisture makes the root rot and die.

Benefits of Turmeric and Ginger:

1) Cancer prevention
2) Reduce inflammation
3) Reduce symptoms of indigestion and other stomach problems

Spring Onion anyone? This was an easy one! We bought a bunch, ate the leaves and then replanted the roots and it’s gone crazy! I get the kids to chop off the leaves and we add to our cooking.

Benefits of Spring Onion

1) Good for the heart
2) Improves bone density
3) Cancer precention
4) Good for the eyes
5) Lowers blood sugar levels
6) Prevents stomach complications
7) Powerful antioxidant

How about Garlic? I had 2 bulbs that had a little sprout and I thought ‘these guys aren’t ready to be eaten, they want to reproduce’. So with the help of google, I just planted them (thinking it wouldn’t work) and TADA they are growing happily.

Benefits of Garlic:

1) Prevention of Heart Disease

2) Provide relief from cold and flu
3) Blood purifier
4) Antibacterial
5) Antiparasitic
6) Protect the skin and hair
7) Cancer prevention

Why plant your own veggies and herbs? 

1) Apparently it’s calming (I still get a little frustrated as I’m still learning and hate killing things)
2) Its a family activity which the kids get involved in. They learn and experiment with how to grow and eat it.
3) It saves you $$$
4) It gets you creative, as you try use what you’ve got before it dies

5) You can grow them naturally without pesticides and other nasties.

Would you like to learn more about how to include good clean nutrients into your family diet? Check out our nutrition workshops.

Do You Have Sitting Disease?

Are YOU one of the 42%?

Are YOU one of the 42% of Australias workforce that are SITTING for an average of 6.3 hours per day at WORK? And that doesn’t include the sitting that happens away from work! Do you perhaps Have Sitting Disease?

“Today, our bodies are breaking down from OBESITY, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, CANCER, DEPRESSION and the cascade of health issues that come from what scientists have named SITTING DISEASE” James A. Levine PHD

“For people who sit most of the day, their RISK of HEART ATTACK is about the same as SMOKING” Martha Grogan, Cardiologist


Thx to Mandy Heelan, from SELBIES OFFICE EQUIPMENT, for her presentation yesterday (at KBN South Gold Coast) about the importance of ERGONOMIC / PERSONALISED Office Equipment that is designed to improve productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


I don’t know about you, but SITTING for long periods absolutely DESTROYS me, and many of my clients have the same ON GOING PAIN from SITTING at work.


BACK PAIN is the LEADING cause of DISABILITY WORLDWIDE. In Australia, it is the most common LONG-TERM HEALTH CONDITION, reported by Teenagers and young Adults. Back pain and Intervertebral Disc disorders were identified as one of the most SIGNIFICANT work related problems.


To Reduce Discomfort & Increase Productivity:


1) Your chair should be FITTED to suit YOU:
* You should check for a chair rating (How long it is advised you sit on that chair for)
* It should be comfortable
* It should be functional
* Sit in a slightly reclined position
* Keep Moving during periods of whilst (and encourage core activation)
* Have total back support with defined contact in key areas of your back
* Reduce pressure and maintain positioning


2) Your desk station should be ergonomic:
* Fitted for Correct sitting
* Include a Standing option


3) Take Breaks and Get Moving
* A suggested 20-8-2 is recommended. Work for 20 min, stand for 8 minutes and move for 2 min with every 30 min work cycle. Set a timer to remind you.
* Go walking in your lunch hour, or go out for a stretch, yoga or pilates class.


4) Exercise your body 
* Include HIIT and strength and conditioning exercise into your week, which will improve your overall core and posture. (Include link to Australian recommend activity blog I did)


5) Have regular massages, along with consults with your Physio, Osteo or Chiro. 


It makes sense to manage this NOW! You only have one body, and if you’re suffering now, and have the rest of your life ahead of you STUCK AT A DESK, then identify the issue and get a MANAGEMENT plan ASAP.


Give the family from SELBIES BURLEIGH a call, and let them PERSONALLY FIT YOUR workstation for you.
Tel: 07 55 22 0440


Need an Xray and a Chiro to finally fix an ongoing prob? Heres my lifesaver:
Dr Ryan Pope and how ABOUT Strengthening you body to condition it to FUNCTION without PAIN?
CONTACT Chantal Gerardy 0400107706 for a 15 min consult over the phone.


There is always a way! Lets do this!

HIT the BOOKS with some help from Zarraffas!

“HIT the BOOKS with some help from Zarraffas!”


Really Zarraffas!


You advertise “HIT the BOOKS with some help from Zarraffas!” So give school kids a complimentary UPSIZE!


How is SUGAR, CAFFEINE, CREAM, SYRYP, cookies on the side, making it ‘more affordable to upsize’ plus educating them incorrectly AND showing disregard for portion size HELPING them to HIT THE BOOKS?


All you’re helping them with is getting an addiction, poor concentration and bad health.




As an x fatty myself who didn’t understand nutrition and enjoyed/addicted to this sh!t, and struggled to overcome weight issues (along with the mental issues that come with it), I wish that I had had better help in this department in my teens, AND THIS CERTAINLY ISNT THE HELP I WOULD HAVE WANTED!


Shame on you Zarraffas! You don’t need to stoop down to McDonalds level.


Contact us to schedule a free 15min call with me.



EVERYONE always asks how I SUCCESSFULLY manage to fit EVERYTHING in. This includes my business, 3 kids, dog, partner, plus health and fitness.






If you are on the GOLD COAST & are LOOKING for a HUGELY ENTERTAINING & INSPIRING Speaker, then this is HOW I can HELP you……..


My ENLIGHTENING Presentation is HOW TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE and includes health, wellness and fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs (who also may be parents!).


This includes my Clever & Practical TIPS & TRICKS to MAKE YOU HAPPIER & MORE PRODUCTIVE. eg. ‘How to Meal Plan’ so you still manage to get in nutritious meals in amongst the chaos, PLUS “My 6 Top Tips to Getting Started on a LOOOOONG Lasting Health Program” and ‘The 4 Things Most People do WRONG, which prevents them from losing weight’


INCLUDED is ‘How I Manage my Time and Stress’ (it has to be FUN or FORGET IT)




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* Sports groups
* Mothers groups
* Your Office
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* Event


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Do you Ever Just Wanna Throw in the Towel?

Guess what – You’re human! And guess what – I’m human too! 

I’ve had a wildly emotional and confronting week…. so after a busy morning of kids and meetings, I threw in the towel and ran away (or should I say cycled–exercise!)


1hr and 20km later I’m feeling much better! 

HOW? You ask?


Well >>>

Had I NOT Dropped everything and gone to exercise, I would have been

🙀 inefficient

🙀 unproductive

🙀 more miserable

🙀 and no use to anyone


Taking 1 hour resulted in >>>

😺 a clearer head

😺 a better attitude

😺 more energy

😺 and better breathing


Yes! Breathing! Ask Robyn Raneng Serisier from Gold Coast Yoga Therapy, and she’ll tell yeh! Your body is your temple and the only 1 you have!


Better breathing results in >>>

😻 stress relief

😻 better mindset

😻 relaxation

😻 clarity


(Contact Robyn for more stress relieving techniques)

So Instead of running around like a chicken with its head chopped off, STOP! And go exercise! >>>>

😹 Change your environment

😹 surround yourself with positive people

😹 get that heart rate up and breathe deeply

😹 expend that negative energy


Also, consider this >>>

😽 you are alive

😽 you are better off than many other people

😽 this to shall pass

😽 what are you grateful for


And yes, showing gratitude for all your blessings, helps overshadow the crap of what you may be going through. Show gratitude for >>>

😸 the people in your life

😸 the things in your life

😸 you’re alive and can do whatever you CHOSE

😸 there are supportive resources out there

😸 there is always a solution


And if it’s completely overwhelming, understand this >>>

👐 it’s ok, you’re human

👐 reaching out for help is GOOD

👐 there are amazing natural remedies out there

👐 there are many supportive professionals available

👐 exercise may help . Have you tried it as a solution?


More helpful resources here >>>


Is Multitasking Productive or Unproductive? Try this Exercise…

Can YOU Multitask Efficiently?

Try this Exercise by Craig Leith (an Expert on Procrastination)!

Complete this on a Piece of Paper, and Time yourself BOTH times:

Firstly: Solve the Problem from Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Secondly: Solve the Problem from Top to Bottom, Left to Right.



You will see that you are HALF as fast doing it the SECOND way. Why? Because their are 3 Different Tasks requiring different thought processes, and switching between them causes brainfog / mental stress.

We only have a certain amount of willpower daily, and if you use it all up in the morning by multitasking, it’ll make you less productive and mentally exhausted by the end of the day.

So Multitasking is Ineffective , Unproductive and Exhausting! What now?

Instead… Plan each day before it starts. Include all ‘have to do’ and ‘need to do plus ‘want to do’

Yes that includes your meals and exercise.

Complete 1 task at a time to be more productive and create more valuable time in your day GOALSETTING is a very important part of our fitness programming.

Need help? Call 0400107706 for a free consult!

We’re here to help you out in your fitness journey.

Get in Touch

Fitness doesn’t come Naturally to Everyone. Are you a Natural?

I’m lucky enough to be one of those people who can just get in the water, and whip out a 1.2km swim.

Swimming comes more naturally to me than running, however the swimming training has never excited me (probably because I can’t actually talk under water!) (For those who don’t know, I was a swimming coach in SouthAfrica 🇿🇦 and I represented South Africa in Triathlon in 2003) http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au/about-chantal/
So it’s been a while…. But today was my second day back at trying to swim once a week (it’s good for my back issue and my current tennis elbow)
The pool was soooo busy, and they only had 3 lanes available for public swimming : fast, medium and slow. There were about 5 in each lane already.

Do You Fit In?

So I thought I’d take my chances in the MEDIUM lane. I soon got frustrated with getting stuck behind someone, so I decided to take my chances in the Fast Lane. I snuggled in between who I thought I could keep up with, and where I thought I would not hold anyone behind me up. This worked perfectly.


Moral of this Story for those “Not a Natural”:

1) Sometimes We underestimate ourselves, think we aren’t capable, doubt ourselves or don’t know our own strengths.
2) Don’t compare yourself to others. Have a good attitude and do your best. It’s your own race. Just show up!
3) Let those better than you inspire you, and hope that those behind you are inspired by you. Focus on every small achievement you may have, and don’t get discouraged.
If you interested in crosstraining, or finding ways to exercise that suit you, then text me on 0400107706 to Book a Chat.

Contact us TODAY and be informed on how to stay FIT and HEALTHY!



Would you like to be more Attractive, Productive and Remarkably Healthier?

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? Would you like to XTRA ORDINARY …? Then Join our 8 Week Challenge… Our small group sessions are less intimidating and more effective. Go from Sick & Tired to Fit & Healthy! Our focus is on NOT ONLY helping you feel more attractive, but also help you be fitter, healthier and more productive.

What does the 8 Week Challenge Include?

* BEFORE AND AFTER Measurements, Photos and Bioscan
* Goal Setting
* Receive a Planner to Track your Eating and Exercise
* Receive a Personalised Eating Plan
* Mindset Coaching & Accountability

* Lifestyle Strategies (No MORE Sick & Tired!)

* Join a PRIVATE FB GROUP for Daily Motivation and Weekly Tasks
* Free Nutrition and Label Reading Workshop INCLUDED


Besides years off your life, body fat loss and muscle gain, you could win…..
* A Giant Cruiser from Giant Bicycles Southport


* A Makeover from Image Coaching 

* A Glamour Photoshoot with Sheryn Ellis Photography


(Total Prize value +$1000)



To Go from Sick & Tired to Fit & Healthy ……

In the Private Facebook Group, You will receive support and guidance….. plus added helpful files to work through EG:

  • Poo Chart
  • Dirty Dozen / Clean 15
  • Acidity Chart
  • Food pyramid
  • Shopping list
  • Recipes
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Mindset
  • Sleep
  • and HEAPS MORE


Check out our previous winners …




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It can be Intimidating Doing Group Fitness Sessions RIGHT?

Is this HOW YOU FEEL when joining in GROUP FITNESS Sessions?

  • I Mean…. Do they know how UNFIT I am?
 Are they aware of the Aches and Pains Ive accumulated over the years?
  • I Mean… What if I cant Keep up?
 Surely they dont REALLY expect me to do that??
  • I Mean… I want to improve my health and fitness, but surely I DONT have to KILL MYSELF trying?

What if I told YOU …

Group Fitness Sessions don’t need to be Intimidating?

  • Everyone Started Somewhere!
  • Im not a Natural, Ive had to work through Health & Weight issues, plus overcome Back Injuries….
>>> So I feel you!

and >>> What if I PROMISED YOU…

  • I will train you at your level and stage
  • I will give YOU the attention You DESERVE?
Check out our Testimonials HERE

>>> What we OFFER is DIFFERENT….

  • 1 Hour Sessions with warm up, mobilising and stretching (what happened to those now a days????)
  • PROGRESSIVE, functional training (thats actually what your body needs!)
  • CORRECTIVE training (We wont allow you to train INCORRECTLY – Youll injure yourself, PLUS LOOK RIDICULOUS just because of the trainers EGO)
  • PERSONAL TRAINING in a small group fitness environment (YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS and GOALS are addressed each session)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY (If you COMMIT to sessions/per week and dont pitch up …. you get a CALL to find out WHY?)
  • PERSONALISED Macronutrient based EATING PLAN (not a general guideline downloaded off the internet)
  • COMMUNITY (Our HUB says hello and how are YOU. Our team and members are friendly and warm)
  • Private VIP SUPPORT group to ask any questions and get support (because you are VERY IMPORTANT and we want you to succeed)

We ALL NEED this kinda CARE!!! RIGHT?

Contact us now to find out how we can help you.
Vigour Dynamic Fitness Sessions Gold Coast Burleigh Health Wellness 2015



Don’t Let your Back Issues Affect You 

Do Suffer with Back Pain?

I went to drop off some small of kids books and clothing, and the 3 ladies at salvos freaked out about:

1) me carrying the small box 10 feet to the door
2) putting it on the floor because then they had to bend to pick it up
3) didn’t want me to put it in the empty bins because they would have to bend and reach too far down.
4) wanted me to use a trolley and not lift the boxes out

Many of us are affected by Back Pain

http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.auWhat they didn’t know (and many of u don’t know) is I have a hole in my back. We recently found out after X-rays with my Chiropractor, that my niggly back has been due to this hole I was probably born with. Due to the abnormality, I now have subluxation in my cervical and lumbar region. In fact, if I hadn’t been training, I would be in a lot worse shape and pain.


Back Pain does affect me ….

But I can still lift, carry and bend. Why?

1) When my body whispered, I listened before it screamed. I got X-rays and some help
2) I’m self aware. I have 1 body and want it to last and be user friendly . I want to be able to fight for myself and my kids should I need to, run for a thief should I need to, and crawl safely on the floor should I need to retrieve my false teeth when I need to (3sec rule lol)
3) I educate myself on what I can and can’t do, and work everyday at protecting and strengthening my body.
4) I get Chiro, remedial massages, needling and pilates regularly. I mobilise daily.

I make Sure I’m  Fit & Strong

http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.auI make sure I’m Fit and strong enough to lift, carry and bend … and if I couldn’t, and was in fear of hurting myself daily, I would do something about it.


Who would want to live like that? Regardless of your limitations (don’t accept them!) there is always a way. I’d recommend speaking to an experienced personal trainer, to get your life back so you can live it to its fullest.


Let’s connect! Contact us for more information and lets get you Free from Back Pain!