Be a Champion on your Worst Day

Having had the privilege of attending a few inspirational and motivational talks recently by Mark Edmondson, I felt obligated to blog on some of his exceptionally useful strategies to leading a successful, happy, fit and healthy life.

  • You have no mental strength if you don’t have your health
  • Strive to be the optimum that YOU want to be
  • Ask yourself everyday…”Am I the best replica of myself?” If the answer is NO – make a change
  • Simplify the world, don’t complicate it
  • You are where you are, by the choices you have made for yourself
  • Long-term success comes from CREATING better, self-improving, daily habits
  • Realise it’s YOU against YOU


  1. VISION: Create a Vision board and write down your vision:  Everything starts with a vision.  Goals are NOT visions.  Visualise your ideal life in 5 years from now.  Visualise your perfect life in all areas and all facets of your life.  Design your Vision Board and place it where you will see it daily, then do a Vision Plan in writing – Describe every single step you must take in order to make it your reality.  Put in as much detail as you can.  The more detail, the better.  Talk about it, dream about it and imagine it’s possible.  The most important thing is to FOCUS on your vision.  “What you focus on, you will create”.  Continue to focus on your vision, as the law of  attraction is a powerful thing.
  2. BURNING DESIRE:  Once you’ve realised your Vision, you will be filled with a BURNING DESIRE like you’ve never felt before in your life.  Burning desire will hard-wire your body for longevity and getting that burning desire on auto pilot will help you persist through to success.  Consciously make an effort to focus on your visions.
  3. FAITH: “If it’s humanly possible – it CAN be done”.  Even though you have inner conflict, you must have faith it is possible!  You are worthy and capable.
  4. BELIEF:  Belief is the most important thing in this world.  Belief is a thought you keep thinking until it becomes the truth.  Mental toughness is YOU designing your beliefs.
    A) Find out what YOUR personal beliefs are – Belief is only something YOU can create.  Your physical body does not analyse – your head does that.  If you believe in health and well-being, you need to treat your body and spirit accordingly.B) Prove to yourself you’re going to create your dream.  Create checklists and tick off what you’ve done to get step closer to your goal.

    C) Build your belief (READ: Power of NOW).  Break it down.  What changes do I need to make to my life NOW?  Become an observer of yourself.  If you have fear, you must overcome it! (READ: Feel the fear and Do it anyway).  If we only take the easy road, it is easy to think that we aren’t capable of doing things that are hard.  Prove to yourself that you can take on challenges by doing just that – TAKE ON CHALLENGES.  Build your belief in yourself by proving to yourself that you can take on ANY challenge.  Do things that will be rewarding, even though they’ll be hard work.  You can do it!

  5. ACTION PLANS: Have a flawless action plan.  Describe your plans…What, when, why and how you intend on achieving your vision.  Write down your goals and each step you have to take to achieve them.  Get the best mentors and friends in your life – they have to be a PURE example of what they preach.
  6. TAKE OBSESSIVE ACTION: Life is short.  Get organised and take MASSIVE action!  If you want to lose weight, hang around healthy people.  If you want to get your nutrition under control, read health books and plan your meals.  If you want to get lean and mean, factor training into your diary, etc.
  7. BECOME A GREAT PROBLEM SOLVER: Don’t play the victim, use excuses or procrastinate.  It’s counter-productive.  Stop focusing on the problem and focus on finding solutions.  Keep changing, keep adapting and try to stay emotionally neutral.
  8. GROWTH: Celebrate every small achievement. Follow your own opinions, not those of everyone else.  Your perception is what will make you successful.  Be comfortable with who you are.  All we’ve got is this moment right now!

So, make plans, but live and appreciate every moment and DREAM BIG to ACHIEVE BIG.

To research the happiest people on earth, have a look at this link

These people have a purpose to get up every morning and we need to try to re-create this kind of life.

So, as Mark would say…Be a CHAMPION ON your WORST DAY.

For more information on Mark Edmondson please see his Facebook at: – His new website is coming soon!

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