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Knowledge is POWER!

Knowledge is POWER! This is WHY I like to teach my clients!


I’ve been on the phone with a client all morning, going through HEALTHY DELIVERY MEAL OPTIONS.

NOW… They all have Meal plan names like :
* Female weight loss
* Male Muscle gain
* Active
* 1500 Female
* 1750 Male



BUT >>>> We are all DIFFERENT! We all are different body shapes, with different activity levels, different fat and muscle mass, and we all have different nutrient needs.


It’s NOT 1 size fits all!


Soooo …. Its been a busy morning, looking at all the different delivery meals out there. The funny thing is, after I looked at the actual macronutrients, what I noticed is that I ended up preferring one called ACTIVE even though this person is INACTIVE and was looking at doing the weight loss one! Looking at the MACROS, I was able to find that they would have NOT GOT THE NECESSARY NUTRIENTS to burn fat, if they’d been on the WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. We also found hidden sugars , plus ….. they wouldn’t let us share meals from 1 plan to the next.

MORAL of the Story!


* Don’t believe everything you read! Just because they say WEIGHT LOSS plan, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you!
* Get a BIOSCAN and have a chat with a professional on WHAT YOUR BODY REALLY NEEDS!
* all Calories are NOT equal
* Eating LESS doesn’t mean WEIGHT LOSS! Eating less crap = weight loss, BUT EAT TO LOSE!
* Don’t worry about PRICE. You can’t put a PRICE ON YOUR HEALTH!


Bioscan this Friday 6pm at The Fit Hub Burleigh $20
(Free for Vips)


Let me help YOU make it EASY!



It seems the best option for this INACTIVE client looking to lose fat and gain better health, is going to THRIVE on the ACTIVE Plan! LOL Go figure!


If you’re looking for a health and fitness coach Call Chantal on: 0400 107 706

My Mom is my Inspiration!

Look what a Visit to Us has Created! My mom is back in 🇿🇦 South Africa , started a BIGGER THAN MINE Veggie garden and is back to FEELING GOOD & teaching Seniors Dancing!

My Mother is my Inspiration!

Many of you may not know this story. My mom has always been skinny, but has suffered with poor health , IBS and migraines … ever increasing since I left for Australia in 2008.

So much so >>> Her Quality of Life Decreased:

  • It affected her working
  • Travelling
  • and she had to stop her passion of teaching dancing.

It got so bad , that when I visited her Xmas 2015, My brother and I had to drive her on Xmas day to a hospital. (I had Mc Donald’s for Xmas dinner as nowhere else was open – true horrifying story). I think she spent 2 out of the 3 weeks I was there visiting , in hospital . I guess it was good i was there to help.

So after more doctors, more tests and a better focus on health, wellness and fitness, my mom started improving. Her family in Australia 🇦🇺 then decided to bring her here. (Last year) And after almost a year of her staying with us (although a roller coaster ride at times)


My mom is back in SA, feeling better, sending me pictures of her huge Broccoli from her garden, and is back to teaching dancing!


Moral of the story ….

🌺 Education is key
🌺 Don’t accept poor health
🌺 Help is everywhere


I’m so Proud of you Mom! And very grateful for the Family that Love and want to help You.

Here is a blog I wrote when she arrived…/

Let’s Chat and see how I can Help you. 

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2 Things Kept me ACCOUNTABLE this Morning!

HAPPY MONSLAY ! 2 Things kept me ACCOUNTABLE this morning!

1) Ziggy Gerardy

2) Strava

One of the EASIEST ways to stay on track and Kick Goals, is have some

  • Help,
  • and of course ACCOUNTABILITY !

Ziggy needs his daily run, so when he looks at you with his Puppy Dog eyes, you feel guilty NOT TO take him. We are slowly finding our rhythm as we run together. I use a running belt (less pull on my arms) and I also click the direction I’m turning, so he knows where to go and we don’t trip over each other.

The MORE CONSISTENT we are, the BETTER & EASIER it gets.

Being a pup, he can be a little erratic. STOP.  START etc.

But a little ‘COME ON’, ‘Let’s GO’ and he’s back on track! And when I start to break the rhythm and slow down, he looks at me like ‘COME ON’!

So I’m Happy we have each other to help each other get going on a Monday! MONDAY IS ALWAYS the BEST day to Kickstart your Eating & Exercise Plan again!

Actually, this BLOG says something a little different lol. READ THIS and be inspired! >>>…/ 

So Ziggy keeps me accountable and motivates me with his Puppy Dog eyes!

Do you have that? Do you NEED that?

Did you know that the Number 1 thing that our fitness group appreciates from us is >>>> ACCOUNTABILITY!

Text for your FREE TRIAL HERE >>> 0400107706

Oh, and my No 2. Accountability for today was STRAVA!

A Fitness tracking APP. I can keep record of how many kilometres I do per week, plus i get trophies for any records I may achieve. We can give each other a ‘thumbs up’ , challenge or JOIN EACH OTHER!

Download STRAVA and let me be your Training Buddy.

Search for Chantal Gerardy 0400107706/.

I wanna help you in your FITNESS JOURNEY!


I’m NOT 20 Anymore! I Should know Better!

I was even too hard to crack at the Chiropractor this afternoon, and after having a Thai Massage in the morning (which also involved the pleasure of being STOOD ON – lol)


I’m NOT 20 anymore! I can’t expect to UP MY TRAINING for my SILKS performance, Plus do an Obstacle race in the same week, then ride 60km over a few days , plus do some Yoga and then expect to get away with NOT aggravating my back.

ALL Bodies Require Progressive Training…. with Balance.

And that means:
– Regular massages
– Rest in between
– Mobility work
– Yoga
– Adequate water
– Proper nutrition
– Listen to your body (not your mind)
– A structured functional training program (which we offer) and Bonfire Chiropracticgoldcoast withRyan Pope


I Upped the Silks , which involved too many backbends in succession, and then Ran a race of 10km with 32 obstacles.

It happens to the Best of us! I couldn’t help myself and now I must PAY. LOL! Not Really >>>>

It’s Back to Basics….

And that means: Follow these RULES >
– Regular massages
– Rest in between
– Mobility work
– Yoga
– Adequate water
– Proper nutrition
– Listen to your body (not your mind)
– A structured functional training program (which we offer)
and CHIRO with Ryan Pope

So ….. Is there something called OVERTRAINING?

Well, I used to Train 13 hours / week when I competed for South Africa in Olympic Distance Triathlon. The GENERAL RULE of Thumb is, if you FOLLOW THE RULES, and stay Healthy and Injury free, then you’re all good to continue. BUT You have to FOLLOW THE RULES.

Think about it! Athletes train for hours each day!

BUT >>>> They follow the Rules!

and, If you’re looking for Remedial Massage, Dry Needling and Myotherapy, Check out Sylvia Lin at The Fit Hub GC

You Only Live Once…..
You Only have 1 body ….

So take care of it…..

Get to know your body>>>>

What it NEEDS and What it WANTS!

and then Love and Respect it .


Before its too late xoxo and
before your loved ones have to WATCH YOU SUFFER as you age in PAIN & Discomfort (TRUE STORY)


If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer, Contact Chantal Gerardy 0400107706.

Make JOY a Fitness Goal! Its NOT just about being SKINNY!

Make JOY a Fitness Goal! Its NOT just about Being SKINNY!

Fitness Is NOT just about being Skinny or Fit. It’s more about the JOY you get from being Active and using your body. Don’t make it your ONLY GOAL to become “just SKINNY” although that would be a bonus if you did, make it your goal to be STRONG, HEALTHY, ACTIVE and above all Joyful!

Sandy jumped out early this morning excited to get in those good waves, but I was a little more reluctant to do anything. WHY? After silks and an obstacle race last week, my back has been a little niggly… so stairs and a run were OUT.

We both only slightly encourage each other when it comes to Fitness, because we’re both pretty good at our own Inspiration.

You see, motivation requires an external PUSH, but Inspiration comes from your own Personal Intention to do it.

So after lying in bed pondering for an extra 5 minutes, I jumped out and onto my


I knew how GOOD it would make me feel!

and later that morning….. I rode into Sandy ( from )  who had just finished his surf… Apparently I was wearing my bicycle helmet all WRONG. Apparently the way I had it before was ‘UNCOOL’ lol. So He gave me a helmet adjustment (Thx…. Wouldn’t want to be UNCOOL LOL)

Myself and Brhea were talking about it at the True Grit Obstacle Race. There were all different ages, sizes and fitness levels, but EVERYONE was soooo HAPPY! No misery, negativity or bad attitudes.

and I wanted to FEEL GOOD! So, Hopping out of bed was a GREAT DECISION.


Because >>>>>

I knew how GOOD it would make me Feel!

And an Extra FEEL GOOD BONUS was >>>

After Riding into Sandy
(And After the helmet adjustment lol)

He calls to say
“It’s so good to see my darling out and about doing her thing”

Yup! Surfings made him feel good to.

* Training makes you feel AMAZEBALLS *


Read this blog to know when is the best time to start exercising!

How does your WEEK START ?

Check out our timetable below:

Let’s Chat and see how I can Help you.

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3 Top Tips to Working Successfully at Home

How to Work Successfully at Home. Do you find Working at home Pleasurable or Painful?

People who work at home know exactly what’s at stake, because more than often they find themselves procrastinating and being unproductive. I’ve been a working at home myself and I find that these tips are helpful if you are considering working at home, or if you are already doing it.

1. Planning is Everything. To successfully work at home you must plot your schedule at all times. Use a planner, calendar or online platforms or apps to help you organize your day or week. I personally use Gmail calendar, I find it easy to use and convenient for me to check wherever I go.

Include in your Schedule the following:

  • Personal Development
  • Time with family
  • Kids schedule
  • Walking the dog
  • Cleaning
  • Meal prep
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Admin
  • Cold calling and anything else that is a Priority for You, your Family and Business.

A planner helps me stay focused and directed to things that I need to do for the day and even the week ahead. Not only that, I also make sure that for each task, I break it down to something more doable, so that I have an idea of what I need to do at that moment, as I am faced with a specific task. I also give myself a time frame usually one hour for each task.

When you’ve completed a task, don’t forget to show yourself gratitude. Have a break or reward yourself for a job well done! This will get you excited for the next task. When you know that you can do a lot of things at each given time, and when you stick to your schedule, you become so much more efficient.

2. Be Comfortable. It’s always good to stay comfortable while working at your desk. Make sure you have a good back support and always allocate time to get away from your desk. You shouldn’t get stuck in there all day long, get up and mobilise as soon as you feel your bum burning on your chair, I also walk the dog in between some of my task to get up and get moving.

3. Stay Out of the Fridge. It can be tempting to just get up from your desk, walk towards the fridge and get food to eat. However, this should not be the case even if you are working at home. I have a few things to share with you:

  • DON’T KEEP CRAP IN THE HOUSE! If its not there you can’t eat it.
  • Pack your Food in Advance. Pack healthy meals for yourself like you would for your kids. You need to know what you need to eat in a day and my advice is that you have a personalised eating plan so you will know what you exactly need to eat to fuel you and give you the nutrients needed by the body to perform.
  • Schedule on my phone when I need to drink water, if I need to have a break and if I need something to eat. I do all these according to schedule which is very efficient for me, it helps me stay on track and productive at all times.

You need to have Self – Discipline to make it Work!

If you can’t work at home, go find a coffee shop or simply look for an office to make yourself more productive at work. Without a schedule you’ll find that you just keep doing the same same, and can no longer achieve your daily and weekly goals.


For more Business Tips, I’ve currently have a 21 Step Program to help other Business Owners be more Productive & Successful. Let’s Chat and see if I can Help get your Business going. 

Call Chantal on: 0400 107 706

How do YOU Deal with Lifes “Curve Balls”?

From OMG, to Downward Dog on the Beach….

By 9am, LIFE had already thrown me 2 curve balls. My day had been Planned with all GOOD Intentions, and I was in a GOOD mood, until the first curve ball Before 7am. Then, another curve ball thrown at me, resulting me having to GO OFF PLAN, sacrifice my planned walk and YUP, FRUSTRATION LEVELS RISING. How should I deal with lifes curve balls?

Things Happen in 3’s RIGHT?

So when I Rushed into YOGA at 930am (held back by before mentioned 2 curve balls), I was told the session would NOW be held at the beach, I went OMG! This must be the 3rd curveball.

I had a Long sleeve top on, no sunscreen or cap, I only had 1 hour parking (and they were walking around the corner, and OMG I would have to negotiate the sand. YUP>>>> My face said it all, and here the lovely yoga teacher is just looking at me in WONDERMENT, because I’m  Looking at her like THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW! NAH! Not doing it! Lots of work to do, this must be a sign, I’m out of here!


Walking to the car, I have a STERN CHAT to myself.

Happy Days


What happened to me being a YES Person?

Someone who MAKES SH!T HAPPEN?

And OMG ! I just looked at this chick like it was the END OF THE WORLD, when all she did was ask me to come do yoga on one of Gold Coasts Beautiful beaches!

So, I ran to the car, dug out an old singlet and cap to put on, added some sunscreen and ran down to the beach.


The Pleasant Teacher says “I’m so glad you changed your mind and joined us”

and, as my usual self would, I told her how I had to have a stern talk to myself about my attitude, and after that, I realised that this was the PERFECT THING for me to be doing after the morning Id had.


So, on the beautiful Gold Coast Beach, we started Yoga.

and the most Beautiful (and relevant) words came from her mouth >>>>

“Allow the sound of the ocean to Clear your Frustrations. Ground yourself to the Earth”

“Focus on your Inner Breathe and Peace, allowing the imperfect sand and outside NOISE of the world to disappear and not affect your energy and flow” SOMETHING like that! But it all made PERFECT SENSE.

I thought the Sun, Sand, Barking Dogs, Lawnmower and ‘watching’ People would all distract me, But when I focused my Energy on Myself, the outside DRAMA would no longer Upset my FLOW.

We preceded to Downward Dog, Cat and Cow, and Salute to the Glorious sun, and all the BS left my Personal Bubble. YES! I was right where I needed to be.


So maybe things happen in 2’s? Or maybe things don’t happen at all, WHEN you DON’T give them Permission to affect you? You HAVE THE POWER over HOW you ALLOW Situations to Make you feel…. For me….. Definitely an Eternal Process. Here is another Blog on:  Changing you Thoughts.

Here are my Top Tips for Avoiding Life’s Curve Balls:

  • Know Who you are and What your Values are, so You cannot be COMPROMISED when Sh!t happens.
  • Don’t be Quick to React, most times, Breathing and Walking away Leads to a BETTER Outcome.
  • Be Self Aware, and Check your Self Talk.
  • Do NOT play the “Blaming Game”. Take Responsibility for your Actions and Inactions.
  • Surround yourself with Like Minded people, who have similar Values and Beliefs, who can Support you, by Pulling you UP.
  • Self – Development = Self – Improvement
  • Exercise is SELF-CARE. SELF-CARE is NOT SELFISH. A Consistent Exercise regime will improve your overall health & wellness, including your mental health. It is the BEST tool for coping with lives curve balls.

PS. The World is NOT Against You!

Sooooooo to Follow on from my Story…



I came home to find that someone had found my Dogs Tag, and had found our place, and neatly tied it to our front door. I also then received 2 Fantastic OUT OF THE BALL PARK calls. It was as if Id Slipped out of the NEGATIVE REALM, right into the POSITIVE FLOW.


Be a Champion on your Worst Day!


For more Information on How You can be One of Chantal Gerardys HIGH PERFORMING Clients, please Make a Request HERE 

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When is the BEST Time To Start Exercising?

How about Monday? Is Monday the Best Time to Start Exercising?

When is the BEST TIME to Start Exercising? The Perfect answer is NOW. There is really NO good or PERFECT time to Start. Whenever you DO START, it is going to be UNCOMFORTABLE…. as CHANGE is always OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE = UNCOMFORTABLE:

Starting Requires Change:

  • You have to CHANGE something in order to CHANGE
  • CHANGE isn’t comfortable, as its outside your COMFORT zone
  • YOU will have to take Responsibility for both your Actions and INACTIONS
  • Nothing Ventured Nothing GAINED
  • You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES…. So which is it?
When to Start Exercising

Why do I need to Start Exercising?

Why Do I have to Start Exercising?

  • You are Overweight. You have too much much according to your height, age, gender and weight (I prefer to talk about actual body fat % rather than just kg) Your clothes don’t fit.
  • You are Unhealthy. You get sick frequently, feel sick often, have bowel issue or a professional has told you you have health risks.
  • Poor Performance. You struggle to keep up with everyone else, have limited energy and concentration. You feel weak, listless and may have pain / injury.
  • Sleep. You struggle to fall asleep, or have a bad nights sleep or need to sleep too much.
  • Predisposed to Disease. Poor diet and lack of exercise, water, sleep and outdoor activity can result in disease.
  • Depression. You feel anxious, depressed, don’t want to engage with others, emotional eat or feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Exercise is one of the BEST solutions for mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, poor self image or even lack of confidence


If YOU Don’t START NOW, You Will have Dis-Ease:

  • No-one got NOWHERE by doing Nothing.
  • You can move TOWARDS your goals or Away from them.
  • The Longer you wait the Harder it is.

You Only Have 1 Body, and YOU Have it Forever:

  • Set a Goal
  • Plan each Day to Include you reaching your goal
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • Visually display some powerful affirmations you can focus on
  • Focus on your WHY and WHY you need this
  • Show gratitude for every step along the way

When all else FAILS….. Seek Help from a Professional:

  • Get a full Health check from your GP
  • Find a Personal Trainer who can assess you, and formulate a progressive plan to get you back on the road to optimal health and fitness.

Chantal Gerardy


Feeling Like Sh!t? Lacking Energy?

We all NEED Nourishment….. Its what gives us the ENERGY we need to FLOURISH….

YES YES, we gain Nourishment from food…. Macronutrients provide calories for energy, growth, metabolism and other bodily functions. BLA BLA….. and just like different people require different amounts of Macronutrients…. different individuals require different forms of Nourishment. The OVERALL QUALITY of this Nourishment plays an important role in YOUR Energy and Performance.


Well, if you don’t get the right amount of nourishment, your health, wellness and fitness can all be affected….. Basically…. You will feel like SH!T!

Not only Calories will give you the ENERGY to keep you going. Consider each of these areas, which may be DRAINING the LIFE OUT OF YOU!

* Proper Nutrition
* Hate your JOB
* No YOU time
* Poor Rest/Sleep
* Unsatisfying Relationships
* Physical Health
* Injury
* Finances
* Stuck Indoors / Few Outdoor activities
* No Vision
* Little water
* Poor Breathing

to name a few….

Spend time reflecting on your career, exercise , relationships and spiritual practice. Address deficiencies in any of these areas and change your attitude….


A clear mindset will give you more energy , and cleanse the body of unnecessary cravings.

Create a Better, Energetic Self: EASY!!!!!!

* Create a Vision Board
* Write SMART Goals
* Plan what your PERFECT day would look like (include everything your heart desires)
* Eat Healthy
* Prioritise YOU time
* Nurture your relationships (or get rid of them)
* DOWNSIZE! There was nothing more SATISFYING FOR ME, than the freedom I got from simplifying my finances and budgeting (Mike Coopermaybe you can help here?)
* Get your 7 hrs sleep, or a 20min power nap daily. There are great apps for this!
* Meditate or do Yoga
* Work on your Personal Development daily (reading, youtube, coaches etc)
* Surround yourself with like-minded people (if you want to eat healthy, you will struggle with friends who hang out at KFC)
* Get some FRESH AIR Daily! BOOK it in!
* Do what you LOVE! What makes your heart sing?
* Drink 2-3lt water per day. Reduce alcohol and coffee.
* Laugh/Smile/Cuddle and Be a gift to others.
* Get yourself a Personal Trainer who can get your health, wellness and fitness on track. They are experienced on how to do this effectively.

The unfortunate thing, is that people only go looking for help when something SERIOUS happens! Until then, they usually “too broke” or “time poor” to FIX it when the body starts to talk to them….

BUT then the body SHOUTS! and then….. it ends up costing more money, more time and MORE STRESS, than when the first symptoms started. You know the saying….. PREVENTION is better than CURE!

I was just saying this this morning ….. Its unfortunate how people accept how CRAP they feeling , because they think thats NORMAL….. UNTIL….. One day they feel AMAZEBALLS and go WTF!!!!! IS THIS HOW HEALTHY FEELS?!?! No wonder all those fit energetic people always strut around HAPPY!

Self-care is a Personal Responsibility to take CHARGE of your daily life, and manage your lifestyle, to achieve optimum health, wellness and fitness.

Do YOU Want to function better?


Then GET NOURISHED my friends ….

Nothing happens from nothing happening.


Yay! Extra excited as I received my Doterra TRAVEL PACK for my 3 girls today…. for when they go to their DADS.

Transitioning is already difficult for them, especially for my twins as they go into their ‘teen’ years and high school. Having their oils at their dads house , is definitely going to help.

MissE made up 8 little bottles they could take with them. This is the 8 DOTERRA Oils they chose to take with them, and WHY …. let’s call it Their Gr8 girls kit:

Tea Tree: Acne, Allergies, Infection, Colds
Lavender: Concentration, Chapped lips, Bites, Sleep
Deep Blue: Soothing, Muscular Pain
Clary Sage: Cramps, PMS
Digest Zen: Digestive Blend
Peppermint: Allergies, Cramps, Headache, Alertness
On guard: Immune Defence
Frankincense: Asthma, Cough, Mental fatigue

Doterra Supporters…. it was difficult to chose! Would you have used another instead?

So for tonights gratitude around the dinner table, MissJ says “Tonight Id like to give thanks to Clary Calm, the monthly blend for women” HYSTERICAL!

We use these as ‘muti’ in our house (South African = witch doctor medicine) and the girls are familiar with researching natural remedies (and cleaning products) and they make up Their own suitable ‘potions’ . Just this week we made our own ‘dry lips’ remedy and immune defence solution.

Wanna be a ‘Witch Doctor’ to? Keen to learn how to use natural alternatives? Give me a SHOUT …. (oh, I have something to help with that to lol)

Pm me …. and we can have coffee with some of my Natural Peppermint Crisp (which improves brain power and allergies, plus tastes YUM) (LINK TO Instagram Vigourfitness)

And check out the next nutrition workshop (link to website nutrition workshop)
Or contact me (contact us form on website) to schedule a 15min free consult Over the phone.