2 Things Kept me ACCOUNTABLE this Morning!

HAPPY MONSLAY ! 2 Things kept me ACCOUNTABLE this morning!

1) Ziggy Gerardy

2) Strava

One of the EASIEST ways to stay on track and Kick Goals, is have some

  • Help,
  • and of course ACCOUNTABILITY !

Ziggy needs his daily run, so when he looks at you with his Puppy Dog eyes, you feel guilty NOT TO take him. We are slowly finding our rhythm as we run together. I use a running belt (less pull on my arms) and I also click the direction I’m turning, so he knows where to go and we don’t trip over each other.

The MORE CONSISTENT we are, the BETTER & EASIER it gets.

Being a pup, he can be a little erratic. STOP.  START etc.

But a little ‘COME ON’, ‘Let’s GO’ and he’s back on track! And when I start to break the rhythm and slow down, he looks at me like ‘COME ON’!

So I’m Happy we have each other to help each other get going on a Monday! MONDAY IS ALWAYS the BEST day to Kickstart your Eating & Exercise Plan again!

Actually, this BLOG says something a little different lol. READ THIS and be inspired! >>> http://vigourdynamicfitness.com.au/when-is-the-best-time-t…/ 

So Ziggy keeps me accountable and motivates me with his Puppy Dog eyes!


Do you have that? Do you NEED that?

Did you know that the Number 1 thing that our fitness group appreciates from us is >>>> ACCOUNTABILITY!

Text for your FREE TRIAL HERE >>> 0400107706

Oh, and my No 2. Accountability for today was STRAVA!

A Fitness tracking APP. I can keep record of how many kilometres I do per week, plus i get trophies for any records I may achieve. We can give each other a ‘thumbs up’ , challenge or JOIN EACH OTHER!

Download STRAVA and let me be your Training Buddy.

Search for Chantal Gerardy 0400107706/.

I wanna help you in your FITNESS JOURNEY!


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