Things YOU may not know about ME!


Things You May NOT Know about Me: In NO Particular Order

  • My Nick Name is Show & Tell. The school kids struggled to say Chantal, and this came out and stuck
  • I have Astigmatism and wear glasses when my eyes are tired (or driving in the rain at night)
  • I find out and met my “new” brother that was given up for adoption before I was born. I also have an older brother and younger sister (all with inherited high blood pressure and high cholesterol)
  • I’m born in Durban South Africa, my mothers family are Italian and I’m  now an Australian Citizen
  • I’m  Creative and Scrapbook. I have about 6 albums of 30 pages each. I used to enjoy running the art classes when I taught Prep
  • Yup, I was a school teacher. I taught Prep for 5 years. 4 of those years were at a Private all boys school in Durban, DPHS (go figure, I had 3 girls with all that experience I got) and 1 year at Kings Christian College (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • In primary school, I would get the lead in the school plays…. and I still think I can sing (but can’t really)
  • I had a nose ring with a chain from my nose to my ear in my late ‘mis spent, gothic’ teens. I also had a belly ring, and still have 7 ear piercings.
  • I also had my RAVE days in my early 20’s, and got sponsored to wear Raving gear and dance at raves (lol). My mom is a Latin dance teacher and she showed me a thing or two. I still think I can dance, and quite like to try TWERK when I can.
  • I have a hernia. I control it by training my core. Its something ill have to keep my eye on. I got it after a second Caesarian when having my youngest child Hannah
  • I have identical twin girls Erryn and Jordan, plus another daughter Hannah. I also had a miscarriage, around 6 weeks, in between those pregnancies. I suspect due to the training I was doing on the Power Plate (vibration machine) at the time when I didn’t know I was pregnant
  • I moved to the Gold Coast in 2008 and got divorced in 2014. I woke up one day and realised that I wasn’t living the life I truly wanted.
  • I manifested my AMAZING partner and met him on Tinder. He is amazingly aligned with my values and purpose. It took me 40 years to find THE ONE!
  • I started my group fitness and PT business (Vigour) in 2010 and then opened The Fit Hub in 2014.
  • I went from OVERWEIGHT and avoiding exercise as a kid, to excessive dieting and overexercising in my mid twenties, to now having a balanced (with continued effort) health and exercise program
  • I’m  NOT A NATURAL when it comes to sport… I have to work at it. Swimming is probably the most natural for me. I ‘try’ to surf, enjoy squash, ‘try’ to run and cycle plus anything else you throw at me, but its hard work and discipline that gets me there. I do love kickboxing, and have been pretty good at it.
  • I have inherited high blood pressure and cholesterol, plus have had fatty liver disease from being overweight. Ive had to constantly manage it with diet and exercise.
  • I competed in triathlon in 2007 and came 3rd in South Africa and 80’th in the world lol.
  • I almost competed in a body building comp in my early 20’s in South Africa, but got Asian flu just before the comp, and had to pull out. I got down to 15% body fat and ate chicken breast, broccoli and drank protein shakes to get there. I got bored.
  • I gain muscle easily and lose fat slowly, so I have had to work around that, plus educate myself on how different body shapes are affected by macronutrients and training.
  • For the last 17 years, I have sacrificed waking up with my girls, to be at the gym to train others. But, it has also given me the opportunity to support them in school and enjoy them during school holidays.
  • Eating healthy is always a choice for me. Remember was overweight and like NAUGHTY food. Seeing FOOD AS FUEL always helps my decision.
  • Although un-sporty, I played the less popular sports like Badminton and Softball at school. I also played netball for a while (WD). In Australia I helped my clients out and filled in for a basketball and netball game, which resulted in me getting a red card and a rolled ankle lol.
  • I grew up with Bull terriers in South Africa, and would have liked to have had one here. I opted not to, as people tend to JUDGE them, and I wanted one who could hang at the gym with me.
  • I don’t like cleaning, and its really something I’ve had to get my head around so that I enjoy it. I had a nanny, ‘maid’, ‘garden boy’ and even a security guard in South Africa. I chose to see cleaning as ‘exercise’ to help get me through it lol. I also appreciate where I live, so chose not to bitch to much about having to do it.
  • I Love ice skating and roller skating, and am still thinking about joining ROLLER DERBY! I also love horse riding when I go back to South Africa. Thx Mom for the lessons you gave me when I was younger.

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My Journey

I had always struggled with my weight as a child and all throughout school was bullied and called horrible names.  I didn’t believe I could be anything else but a ‘fatty bom-bom’!  It made me feel sad, worthless and angry.  It wasn’t until I was in my 20′s, when I became a school teacher, I started running around with the kids, that I started to lose weight.  People began to notice my weight loss and started saying the smallest of compliments. It was at this moment I realised that maybe I could become something other than the ‘fat kid’ and that I could possibly lose more weight.

I first got into teaching aqua aerobics , and then various other aerobics classes.  I felt great and noticed the improvement in the quality of my life.  I started seeing myself differently and then started treating myself with more love and respect…and the weight just came off!  That’s when I decided to become a Personal Trainer to help motivate others into believing they can be more than what they are.  I wanted to bring out the best in everyone!  I believe in them, so they can believe in themselves.

In 2000, Durban in South Africa, I completed my Diploma where I was able to learn the effective ‘Secrets’ of not just weight loss, but body transformations.  I decided to give up school teaching, and focused on sharing my knowledge and passion with those eager for a life-changing experience.  With a very active mind, I threw myself into every aspect of fitness…Martial Arts, Boxing, Cycle/Spinning, Bosu, Powerplate and Core Classes.

In 2002 I competed in triathlons where I came 3rd in South Africa and assisted in the coaching of a local triathlon team.  I represented South Africa at the 2003 New Zealand World Championships.  In 2004, I gave up Triathlons for motherhood.  I have identical twin girls, Erryn and Jordan and a younger daughter, Hannah.  In 2007, I opened my own private gym (still in South Africa) from where I ran Bootcamps, Pilates, Martial Arts, Kids Fitness and Personal Training, before moving to Australia in 2008.  Having worked in many public and private gyms (and after owning and managing my own gym), I feel I have a vast knowledge of experience.  Since being in Australia, I have continued to gain certification, along with completing an Advanced Nutrition Course.

In 2014 I opened The Fit Hub in Burleigh. It is a hub of health, wellness and fitness professionals who come together to inspire, motivate and encourage people on their personal health journeys.

Jim Rohn said it perfectly when he wrote, “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going”.  I was motivated to change in the beginning, but it was the habit of feeling a sense of achievement and seeing the changes take effect in my life each day, that has guided me to continually live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

What motivates me most, is seeing these same changes and experiences happening within my own clients, and watching them grow into becoming the people they have always wanted to be.  I’m as passionate about helping them on their journey as I was about my own.

I feel the best way to motivate anyone is to simply lead by example.  If you are living a fit and healthy lifestyle, you are happy, positive and full of energy.  It radiates from you and makes other people want to do what you do, to achieve the same results. However, it is an on-going struggle to find that overall balance, and I understand the need for accountability and coaching.

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey and TRANSFORM you life, the same way I did my own.

My Qualifications & Experience:

Personal Training Diploma in 1998, Followed by the following Certifications:

Swedish Massage Course

Kettlebells Australia Certification

Advanced Nutrition

Crank-it Advanced Training

Thump Advanced Certificate

Cycle Instructors Course

Power Plate Qualification

Pilates Mat


Bosu Certificate

Reebok Martial Arts Certificate

Chantal Gerardy
Your Personal Health & Fitness Guru


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