Knowledge is POWER!

Knowledge is POWER! This is WHY I like to teach my clients!


I’ve been on the phone with a client all morning, going through HEALTHY DELIVERY MEAL OPTIONS.

NOW… They all have Meal plan names like :
* Female weight loss
* Male Muscle gain
* Active
* 1500 Female
* 1750 Male



BUT >>>> We are all DIFFERENT! We all are different body shapes, with different activity levels, different fat and muscle mass, and we all have different nutrient needs.


It’s NOT 1 size fits all!


Soooo …. Its been a busy morning, looking at all the different delivery meals out there. The funny thing is, after I looked at the actual macronutrients, what I noticed is that I ended up preferring one called ACTIVE even though this person is INACTIVE and was looking at doing the weight loss one! Looking at the MACROS, I was able to find that they would have NOT GOT THE NECESSARY NUTRIENTS to burn fat, if they’d been on the WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. We also found hidden sugars , plus ….. they wouldn’t let us share meals from 1 plan to the next.

MORAL of the Story!


* Don’t believe everything you read! Just because they say WEIGHT LOSS plan, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you!
* Get a BIOSCAN and have a chat with a professional on WHAT YOUR BODY REALLY NEEDS!
* all Calories are NOT equal
* Eating LESS doesn’t mean WEIGHT LOSS! Eating less crap = weight loss, BUT EAT TO LOSE!
* Don’t worry about PRICE. You can’t put a PRICE ON YOUR HEALTH!


Bioscan this Friday 6pm at The Fit Hub Burleigh $20
(Free for Vips)


Let me help YOU make it EASY!



It seems the best option for this INACTIVE client looking to lose fat and gain better health, is going to THRIVE on the ACTIVE Plan! LOL Go figure!


If you’re looking for a health and fitness coach Call Chantal on: 0400 107 706

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