Feeling Like Sh!t? Lacking Energy?

We all NEED Nourishment….. Its what gives us the ENERGY we need to FLOURISH….

YES YES, we gain Nourishment from food…. Macronutrients provide calories for energy, growth, metabolism and other bodily functions. BLA BLA….. and just like different people require different amounts of Macronutrients…. different individuals require different forms of Nourishment. The OVERALL QUALITY of this Nourishment plays an important role in YOUR Energy and Performance.


Well, if you don’t get the right amount of nourishment, your health, wellness and fitness can all be affected….. Basically…. You will feel like SH!T!

Not only Calories will give you the ENERGY to keep you going. Consider each of these areas, which may be DRAINING the LIFE OUT OF YOU!

* Proper Nutrition
* Hate your JOB
* No YOU time
* Poor Rest/Sleep
* Unsatisfying Relationships
* Physical Health
* Injury
* Finances
* Stuck Indoors / Few Outdoor activities
* No Vision
* Little water
* Poor Breathing

to name a few….

Spend time reflecting on your career, exercise , relationships and spiritual practice. Address deficiencies in any of these areas and change your attitude….


A clear mindset will give you more energy , and cleanse the body of unnecessary cravings.

Create a Better, Energetic Self: EASY!!!!!!

* Create a Vision Board
* Write SMART Goals
* Plan what your PERFECT day would look like (include everything your heart desires)
* Eat Healthy
* Prioritise YOU time
* Nurture your relationships (or get rid of them)
* DOWNSIZE! There was nothing more SATISFYING FOR ME, than the freedom I got from simplifying my finances and budgeting (Mike Coopermaybe you can help here?)
* Get your 7 hrs sleep, or a 20min power nap daily. There are great apps for this!
* Meditate or do Yoga
* Work on your Personal Development daily (reading, youtube, coaches etc)
* Surround yourself with like-minded people (if you want to eat healthy, you will struggle with friends who hang out at KFC)
* Get some FRESH AIR Daily! BOOK it in!
* Do what you LOVE! What makes your heart sing?
* Drink 2-3lt water per day. Reduce alcohol and coffee.
* Laugh/Smile/Cuddle and Be a gift to others.
* Get yourself a Personal Trainer who can get your health, wellness and fitness on track. They are experienced on how to do this effectively.


The unfortunate thing, is that people only go looking for help when something SERIOUS happens! Until then, they usually “too broke” or “time poor” to FIX it when the body starts to talk to them….

BUT then the body SHOUTS! and then….. it ends up costing more money, more time and MORE STRESS, than when the first symptoms started. You know the saying….. PREVENTION is better than CURE!

I was just saying this this morning ….. Its unfortunate how people accept how CRAP they feeling , because they think thats NORMAL….. UNTIL….. One day they feel AMAZEBALLS and go WTF!!!!! IS THIS HOW HEALTHY FEELS?!?! No wonder all those fit energetic people always strut around HAPPY!

Self-care is a Personal Responsibility to take CHARGE of your daily life, and manage your lifestyle, to achieve optimum health, wellness and fitness.

Do YOU Want to function better?


Then GET NOURISHED my friends ….

Nothing happens from nothing happening.

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